We Are Manifesting a Greater Earth
by Simona Manenti – Quakertown, PA

In response to the requests by so many of my clients and friends asking for ways of how to live happily in these challenging times and stay positive and hopeful, I have learned to trust the knowing and the messages I get through guidance, now more than ever. This has helped me to not rely on the information from the outside world and people, which is often tainted by fear and alarmism, but to only trust in my inner guidance system.

While the actions of leaders in political power may seem unreasonable or even cruel, I believe the universe has a grand plan; a much more comprehensive plan that may appear obscure to most. Among the many visions obtained while journeying, I have seen the world getting better and healthier on many levels. The presence of this possibility in the future of our existence gives much hope and determination that the actions already put in place by many fellow humans are manifesting a greater earth in the future. Time functions erratically not linearly when accessing past, present and future events through quantum and metaphysical pathways. All periods in time are like many dots circling an individual, giving them the ability to access information from any point in time. Therefore what one perceives intuitively already belongs to existence.

The darkness is palpable when fear lowers its shield over our vision. We no longer depend on what we see and interpret from our five basic senses; in the darkness, we can only rely on faith and trust. The darkness has a purpose as well, precisely that of separating the mind thirst for knowledge that satisfies the fears but never dispels it, leaving the person hungering for more and fostering suspicion, from the inner knowing that comes with certainty not obtainable with answers, reason, and knowledge.

The darkness helps us diminish our attachment to knowing what it all means and why this is happening; it places a distance from the fear of the unknown that can take over our reason and our hearts. That is the voice of control that aims at giving a fake sense of reassurance if we were to know what is going on and what is going to happen.

The inner knowing does not demand any proof or knowledge because it’s your soul talking to you, not your mind. The soul and its higher consciousness are in touch with other realities outside of the one we experience as humans; therefore it has access to pieces of information that our simple mind cannot gather, especially not when in a place of fear.

Once we acquire the understanding of what purpose a specific situation has, all we have left to do is trust. We don’t happen upon pieces of information perchance or because someone has a unique ability; extrasensory information becomes available when we live and experience the world and ourselves from the heart and soul center instead of our head and fears. It’s within everyone’s reach.

What is most important in these cases of heightening alarm is to switch our focus to what feels right for each one of us and to know what brings that lovely good feeling connected to the soul truth. Following the call to fulfill that inner joy allows us to find the right track to our purpose which guarantees that we are already doing everything that we can to help with the situation that most concerns us. Trust in the knowledge that we all have a soul-plan, even if it is to lift the morale of just one person, or provide a generous smile to a stranger, or gift an act of kindness to the person next to you in line. The repercussion of one gesture of pure compassion will go a long way, and it will have served its objective of helping all humanity, not just one.

This is a time to stay strong, mindful of ongoing events, supportive of others, hopeful, and most importantly, trusting and loving. Remaining positively minded also helps us to stay healthy. As we look back in history, we can see how far we have come, how much progress has been made, and know that people are awakening and doing all they can to create a more sustainable earth and better relationships with their fellow man and all living things.


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