A Truly Abundant Life
by Lee Harris – California

We have the power to shift our reality and create different lives for ourselves — if we choose to believe and envision it.

Abundance. This word carries so many connotations within our society. There are many misleading beliefs and ideas— so many un-abundant experiences— associated with this word.

What does this word mean to you? When you think of the word abundance, what is the first thought you have around it? What is the first image? The first feeling that you connect to it?

For some, it will be spiritual wealth, meaning living in an enlightened way with connection to spirit, with connection to source and others, as a daily experience. For others, it will be wealth on the material plane—money, personal belongings, status within their work or career, and the acquisition of material objects. There is a great difference between the two.

A truly abundant life is one where there is surrender. That is the key—true surrender to everything. Surrender to allowing a great wealth of experience, of financial resources, of love. And also a true surrender to experiencing the opposite of this state—for example, lack. If lack is the truth you are experiencing in any given moment, then lack is what you have created for yourself for the growth of your own soul.

The way to achieve true abundance is to surrender to the place you are in now, while always investigating how true it is that you are holding yourself in that place. This is just as important for those who have material wealth as it is for those who do not. For, more often than you might imagine, those who have material wealth are maintaining such wealth at great cost to themselves and their happiness. It is a wealth they are maintaining based on the fear of no longer having money, losing their career, or losing their position within society. And this lack of surrender to life, this need to control, creates an un-abundant inner reality.

The truth is, the universe will deliver to you your abundance. Another truth is that many will not receive that abundance from the universe because of their belief system, because they have limits in their minds as to how much they can receive, how much they are allowed, or how much they deserve.

Freedom from the Win-Lose Paradigm

Abundant living is when you are fully on your path and truly receiving all that your life wishes to offer to you. This could manifest as a great partnership, great material wealth, great spiritual connection, great work that fulfills and nurtures you as much as it gives to those around you, great love of nature, or simply a great life experience upon this earth.

All these states of abundance are achievable at the same time, but in the current society the energies of competition and comparison are dominant. Therefore, many believe that one of these states must be forsaken in order to experience the other. For example, one commonly held belief is that you are entitled to either a great partnership or great wealth, but not both at the same time.

But the greater truth is that all is possible. Every single soul living on Earth could be experiencing far more abundance were they not trapped in agreement with this man-made world, this world where money has all the power. And, of course, for those who have money, for those who are in the business of making money, the need for money gets stronger. For the more they achieve it and the more it does not fulfill them, the more they want it—and the deeper their need for it. In this way, many are unknowingly attempting to replace spirituality and spiritual fulfillment with money. Money becomes a drug that they can never get enough of, because money alone cannot replace connection with spirit—the real need. Those who see money as a by-product of their lives, who have a healthy disinterest in it—they are the abundant ones.

This human world is currently not simply one of free-flowing abundance. It is one of possibilities and limits. There is a hierarchy in operation, one that has been created by mankind and decrees that some people win and some people lose. And while you are in service to and in agreement with this hierarchy, your experience will be exactly in alignment with it: some will win and some will lose. Once you have collectively healed and expanded beyond this—have understood at the level of soul that this way is not the truth—then a new way for the whole world to move forward together will emerge. A more abundant state can be achieved for all.

For you individually to increase your abundance, you first have to believe you are worthy of it. You have to believe that you are worthy of a rich life, that everything can be yours. You have to believe that this is the truth. And this requires that you face and release any lies you have agreed to believe along the way, lies that are currently in your way and have backed up the belief that this is a “some people win, some people lose” world.

You Are Entitled to Be a Winner

Money only has the energy that people give to it. Do not make money a god, for then you worship something that is nothing. You only worship the thought patterns and beliefs of a society that mostly got it wrong about money. Money is merely an exchange system that people use. It is given in exchange for a product, an object, or someone’s time. Money is actually nothing as a force on its own. It is merely a symbol. When you worship money, you are worshipping material wealth—and that is not a truth. Money is but a means to an end. People should not desire a basket full of money to sit in their bedroom, for what good is that?

If you choose to consciously create your life experiences, do not simply focus on sums of money, for then you are manifesting emptiness. Bring to light and clarify the reasons why you would wish to have the money (bearing in mind that a personal aircraft to travel around the world is not very likely to be that important to your development, so it is not likely to be manifested). Manifest true things—those things that will support your work, your life, your love. They can be manifested.

Like many, you may have a deep tie to this world of win-lose comparison and may deeply identify as being one of the people who lose. A change of mind can shift your role in this dynamic so as you are reading this, truly ask yourself, Do I believe I am a winner or loser in the abundance stakes?

All of you are entitled to be winners, to believe that winning is your entitlement—entitlement in the most positive sense of the word. For those who believe that losing is your entitlement, that will be your experience, that will be what you create. So become acutely aware of this. Look at your own un-abundant beliefs. Look at where you will not give to yourself in your life because of your outlook. Look at where you choose to make it harder than it needs to be.

The Earth Is a Healer

Remember, too, that you will not always know what abundance is. You will have ideas—again, based on man’s beliefs, such as the current belief that abundance on this planet means money and status and love (the appreciation of love is a good thing, of course). But planet Earth itself, and humanity’s relationship with it, is all too often discounted—that is an important part of your abundant inheritance as well. For when your relationship with nature is ignored, you become out of balance.

Nature rebalances man. That is what it is there for. This is the earth that you were born into. It is important to look upon the “face” of the earth, so to speak, and regularly, to experience its power. Those who deny themselves this aspect of abundance, who do not acknowledge this part of their being human, cut a piece of their own abundance away. And this denial affects all other areas.

The earth is alive, and it will help you open up. It will help you silently heal in the way you vitally need to be healed. Use the abundance of the earth. If we were a marketing team living in your time, our pitch to you would be “It costs nothing.” You do not have to pay to visit the earth. It is all around you, and it will give to you if you allow it to. It will open your heart, and it will remind you that its beauty, wonder, and magic are all aspects of your abundant inheritance.

Appreciation Is the Beginning of Limitlessness

Trust that practice brings you abundance. Spiritual abundance is a wonderful example. The more that souls practice raising their consciousness through whatever methods they choose, the greater the results. The results are visible. It works with any area of your life that you wish to make more abundant. Simply practice. If it is love you are wishing to invoke in your life, as a true experience of heightened intimacy, then practice loving. Practice loving more. Practice being open-hearted with those around you.

Animals and children are a wonderful help with this purity of practice, for they are less wounded and resistant, and they hold that openness, that simplicity. They are reminders of the heart and how its motivation is enough. And any moment when you truly acknowledge your heart, that is all that is needed to experience joy (which you always have access to).

On many levels, there is much more available to you than you are currently experiencing, and it is all too easy to throw in the towel, to be upset by the lack in your life. The truth is that when you begin to appreciate what you do have, then the universe will send you more. When you truly appreciate the wealth you have in your life right now—be it the people, your work, the roof over your head—then you have surrendered. You have surrendered to the already existent abundance around you. And then there are no limits. Ask and you shall receive.

Step into the Flow of Giving and Receiving

The one big truth in this is that all people deserve more, just as this planet deserves more from its people. And the only limits are the ones that are subscribed to and agreed to by the people. So watch your mind and watch the workings of the minds of others, and begin to decide for yourself on the abundant reality you choose to subscribe to.

And do not be ashamed of bringing riches your way—be they riches of love, of joyful experiences, or of the material plane and all that it has to offer. For if you are prepared to share your riches, you will create a flow of giving in your life that will always come back to you in whatever form necessary. It is a beautiful truth that what you give out, you receive. So keep on giving. Keep on opening your heart to those around you. Set your intentions for the life you wish to create—for abundance is your true inheritance.

Excerpted from the book Energy Speaks. ©2019 by Lee Harris. Printed with permission from New World Library newworldlibrary.com

Energy Speaks Messages from Spirit on Living, Loving and AwakeningLee HarrisLee Harris the author of Energy Speaks: Messages from Spirit on Living, Loving, and Awakening. He is also an intuitive medium, transformational leader, musician, and visual artist. In 2004, he began holding channeling sessions and readings in his home, and today he leads workshops throughout the world. A native of England, he is now based in California. Visit him online at leeharrisenergy.com


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