Does Ridiculing Others in Public Make Us Feel Better About Ourselves?
by Donna Martini

I posed this question on Facebook recently and even though it produced a 77-comment thread, no real answer was offered. This makes me wonder how many Americans are aware of the societal backlash of our negative, public dialogue.

The truth is we have been engaging in harmful behavior—a detrimental-to-ourhealth harangue—which has been infusing needless stress into our already stressedout bodies. And what kind of example are we setting for our children? We tell them not to bully and then we openly do so, feeling completely justified (especially if our target sees with an opposing political eye). Monkey see, monkey do now needs to include monkey say, write, tweet, and blog. The time has come to fully appreciate how our verbal hate-talk is contributing to the hate-filled culture our kids are learning from and growing in. Let’s admit, too, they’re not handling it well.

Teenage drug and alcohol use is widely publicized but are we willing to acknowledge suicide as the number two cause of death among our youth? Our kids are suffering, and those who come to me seeking relief from debilitating anxiety claim they have given up hope that the world can change. Tragically, some are ready to give up on themselves because the future they are stepping into feels too negative and imbalanced to overcome. Considering how many adults are popping Xanax and smoking weed to calm and “numbify” themselves, is it too hard to understand why our children are actively seeking ways to temporarily and permanently escape the reality we have been heaping on them?

And we aren’t eradicating that reality anytime soon. It is going to take something close to a miracle to reduce the national debt, redirect our climate, and lower the cost of tuition and medical care. We can’t immediately stop and change racism, poverty, or the wellness impact of 5G and GMOs, either. But who doesn’t believe we can’t immediately stop and change what comes out of our mouths? We can clean up our public act, and we should take the need to do so as seriously as any other wellness threat that challenges us.

Factually speaking, new revelations in quantum science have made our old sticks and stones philosophy quite implausible. Yes, those two may still break our bones, but now we know words can really hurt us. We are just a bunch of molecules acting on emotion, affected on a cellular level by what comes into our ears and out of our mouths. When we engage in public ridicule—whether we’re listening to it, dishing it out, agreeing with it, condoning it, or allowing it to perpetuate without interference—we are physically, mentally, and emotionally affecting ourselves while we further contribute to the down-slide of our nation’s well being.

Mind, body, and soul… a powerful triad used to describe our human existence, but here in the United States, we consistently work against the very wellness principles each needs to survive. Our minds and bodies are becoming increasingly confused and imbalanced as they struggle to deal with the unreasonable amount of unnatural and toxic food, chemicals, EMFs, radiation, and information they are ingesting in a day. And our souls… well, let’s just say that becoming politically correct has left us spiritually inept. We took God out; okay, but what did we put back in? Our depleted human essence has us ranked now as the world leader of anxiety, depression, and mental disorders… a stat that makes me want to scream, “Wake Up, this is not the intended American dream!”

If “the speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack,” should we request those already in the public eye to set the new verbal standard for us to follow, or should we the people start our own positive manipulation process without them? And dare we ask those in political office who are plotting our country’s course to come to their bargaining table without a sledgehammer in tow? Because, with all the added verbal bashing of this new election season, we are fast approaching the point of no return; a place in time when the word “civility” will only foster a fond flashback to leadership gone by. As I think about it, perhaps this has already happened…

Although I was very young when Dr. King’s words influenced our nation, I don’t recall them ever being abusive. An astute activist, he innately understood that going against the “status flow” meant a more powerful current was needed. There was only one energy that could rival the hate and injustice of that time, and Dr. King dared to use it. He spread the “L-word” around freely, promoting brotherhood and tolerance, not slander and hate. He led with wisdom, not narrow-mindedness, and he instigated laws by appealing to the best humanity had to offer; not by finger-pointing at others for acting their worst. He didn’t beat people over the head with his righteous indignation, either. He bravely and lovingly spoke his dream, and every brave, love-minded human wanted to be part of it.

It seems logical that when we want to appeal to the heart and soul of a majority, we need to engage our own heart and soul! As we look back at MLK and other great leaders like Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, we realize they made an internal commitment to do and say what was right and good for the whole. This helped them realize the truth that existed beyond their simply human perspective. They were continuously graced with inspiration and foresight, which led to symbiotic solutions and great strides in humanity. This is how powerful (and yes, I am about to use the word as a proper noun) Love really is!

Right now, as individuals and as a nation, we can decide the example and energy we want to put forth. Even though it makes us human to want to engage in ego contests— to let off steam, to win or fit in, to be liked or be right—the fact is ridicule and blame cannot sustain positive gain; that combo can only sustain itself. And shouldn’t we admit that as a whole we are only worthy of receiving what we are willing to give? As soon as we become a movement of millions united and prepared to be the change we want to see, we will give way to leaders who are prepared to do the same. These leaders will come forward quickly, too, and it will be through their inspiring words that we will know their personal goal is to keep stepping out of the shadow of their ego and into the light of their Soul.

Donna MartiniDonna Martini has spent over 25 years educating the public about love, forgiveness, and everything wellness. With her trademarked seminars called Positive Manipulation®, she helps thousands learn how to utilize their innate gifts, spiritual prowess, and human potential. She has authored two books, her first, The Ten Commandments of Divorce, helps separating and divorced couples maintain their marital vow to love and honor for the sake of their children. Her second, My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras, offers readers 369 uplifting messages to help them achieve their most positive mindset. Recently she added songwriter and video producer to her achievements with her critically acclaimed music video, “One Nation’s Heart” which she hopes will promote unity for our country. Donna’s latest creation is MantraMouse—a cartoon activist who reminds people of all ages how good it feels to be good. You can see Donna’s work and the MantraMouse cartoons on


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