by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

shoes lined up

How do we heal the inner confusion, distraction, and conflict we live with? Usually we run here and there, looking for answers and solutions.

In Zen practice the answer is startlingly simple. Not only do we pay radical and loving attention to whatever appears in our lives, we take good care of it.

When we take off our shoes, rather than throw them here or there, helter, skelter, we place them attentively, in order, just where they belong.

By treating our shoes this way, we give them not only respect, but thanks. We are taking a moment to acknowledge what they have done for us instead of taking them for granted.

It’s so easy to take not only our shoes, but much of our life for granted, including our relationships. A great deal of the disorder we feel within is created by throwing all kinds of things in our lives, here and there, helter skelter. As if they were disposable.

But this way of being bounces back upon ourselves as well. Nothing is disposable. Everything deserves attention, care and thanks.

As we make sure our shoes, environment and relationships are not messy and disordered, we are simultaneously straightening our messy, confused minds.

We are not separate from our environment or from those we interact with. As we honor all that comes to us, we are simultaneously honoring and uplifting our own life.

Much of the distraction, conflict and disorder we feel within is then naturally put into place. The simple act of full-hearted attention, is a deep healing.

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