Stuck inside? Five Simple Things to Get Reacquainted With Yourself
by Maharani – Spain

Whole-Ass by Maharani

I´d like you to introduce you to someone. She (or he) might remind you of someone you met a long time ago. You can’t pinpoint from where, but this person brings up the oldest, deepest feelings in you. You are not sure if you want to hug this person or if you want to run away from them. This is potentially one of those people whose encounter can become life-changing.

I want to introduce you to yourself.

With a huge part of the population staying inside their homes, there is a very high chance that for the first time in years, you are facing the very simple fact that you have been disconnected from yourself for a long time.

No, you can´t go to the pub, no you can´t go see your friends. No, you can´t distract yourself anytime something uncomfortable comes up for you. Heck, you might not even be able to find a quiet spot in your house when you need some “me” time.

Right now, you might feel that issues and feelings you kept previously kept brushing under the rug are wanting to come out. It doesn´t matter if the discomfort you are feeling is triggered by a thought, a memory or by a loved one doing that thing again. Your insides might be getting louder and there seems to be an urge from within to clear your inner self and get to know yourself, again.

This is your chance to Marie Kondo your inner self – clean out all the junk. Right now, your inner self may look like a big mess, but with some reflection might get out of this challenging season of self isolation with a new version of you – one you love.

Here are a few simple steps to reconnecting with your true self, even in a time crisis.

  1. Be OK with your inside mess.

You are OK. You are not an evil person because you start finding even more annoying the things your partner says or your kids do. You are not being irrational if you feel caged. These four walls that are protecting you from a potential danger outside, can also bring up imaginary potential dangers inside.

Assume this: your stuff will come up. And that is a good thing. Let it come.

All those nitty-gritty aspects we haven´t previously addressed eventually have to come up to the surface. It’s not only the environment that is been cleansed right now during isolation. You are too. And what happens when a space is full of stuff? How do we get rid of it? De-clutter.

Realize that the de-cluttering is happening for your benefit. This high-pressured particular scenario we are all in is revealing your very tailored made de-cluttering program so you know what to clean up first. Whatever is up for you right now, is the right thing to address.

Be OK with what comes up. We are under a high-stake situation.

  1. Make a list of issues you need to address, and face them one by one

Maybe you used to float through life saying things like “It´s fine” and “I’ll deal with this later.” We as humans have an amazing ability to avoid what actually should be addressed. Even in isolation, at the mildest bit of stress that comes up, we can run to organize a drawer of cutlery to distract ourselves.

To the best of your ability, do not stop the discomfort. You won´t get to know yourself again unless you are willing to remove the old, muddy aspects that have disconnected you from your heart. Face things as they come up.

To avoid overwhelm, you can write down with absolute honesty those things or aspects that you feel need addressing. This is no different than a shopping list. Getting clear on what is keeping you from resting happily within yourself can help you overcome it.

Accepting and owning problems is the first step to letting things go.

  1. Ask for help

When you make your list, try and make it joyfully, like a DIY project. Remember, there is nothing wrong with you; we all have been hiding a bit from ourselves, because we might be scared to look at the wounds or traits straight in the face. But to overcome those painful wounds, sometimes we need to ask for help.

Help can come in many ways: calling a trusted friend, contacting an expert in certain area, research books or articles that talk about the thing in particular you are addressing.

Something magical happens when we get clear and humble. Help starts showing up in the most wonderful ways. Try it. There is nothing you might be going through that someone else hasn´t gone through already. When we don´t share it, we feel isolated, and as if we are the only people in the world with this issue. So use this time to reach out and get the help you may need.

  1. Become your best friend

How do you treat your best friend? Likely, you are super nice to them when they have an issue. You listen when they need to talk, you love them for who they are.

What do you advise them? Do you encourage them to quit what makes them miserable or do you demand they keep going? Do you keep violently pointing at their flaws, or do you see them as an endearing part of them?

Treat yourself with that same love, understanding, encouragement, and support as you treat them. Surely now you realize that you will be with yourself, always. Wouldn´t it be wonderful to be your own best friend along the way?

  1. Reconnect with your dreams

Is it possible that you have been subconsciously kicking yourself in the back because you realized that you have postponed certain dreams? You had been so wrapped up into life’s daily routine, and at some level you thought you had all the time in the world. And now your face looks like a meme because you realized that you have been wasting time. There is no need for you to postpone again. Get clear on what your dreams are, and then just start. You don´t need to feel ready or even be ready. The steps start revealing in front of you. Start walking.

Deciding that you will make this life worth living, doesn´t require for you to leave your house. At the least, you know what things bring you joy today. Do that. Start getting comfortable with a state of joy. Move towards what you want. Always.

You are so important here on Earth. You are meant to wake up every day with excitement for life and knowing that you are playing your part. Not one single human is meant to only be half alive. It´s imperative that you commit to living a full life.

And, you don´t have to break down to figure out how. You just have to commit. You have to want a full life with all your heart, and commit on finding it no matter what. And the answers start coming. And, when you find yourself, love yourself and know you are making every single moment worth, you will truly and absolutely be fully reacquainted with yourself. And, your life will be better for it.


Maharani has been an Ishaya monk since 2010. She embarked in an exhaustive spiritual search when she was 21 years old that took her through many spiritual paths, healing techniques, countries and people. Since committing her life to the Ishaya tradition, she has taught spirituality and meditation in more than six countries. She currently lives in Spain on a mountain with several monk neighbors. For more information, visit, or connect with Maharani on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.



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