Use Visualization to Reclaim Your Personal Power During the Pandemic
by Janet McKee

Stressless Success by Janet McKee

Life is challenging, and especially so now. Many of us feel victim to all that’s happening with our work, our communities, and in the world at large.

These hopeless feelings result from believing that we have no power over the situation around us. Sure, worry and concern are normal feelings during these unusual times. But the truth is, we have more control over the outcomes of our lives than we knew was possible. Instead of continuing to look at our current reality with helplessness, hopelessness and fear, we can begin to create a new reality. We have the power within us to do so.

The key to living a more empowered life and to not only overcoming, but benefiting from challenges, is to learn how to create elevated and expanded thoughts and feelings, no matter what our circumstances. What we give out is what we get back. The first step is to become more aware of the fear and negativity that we may be giving out. Awareness is key for any shift to happen. Then, as we learn proven and effective ways to make an internal shift that improves the way we feel on the inside, we’ll begin to improve all that happens to us on the outside.

Throughout our lives, we’ve constructed filters in our brains that protect us from sensory overload. These filters are a compilation of all sorts of beliefs that we’ve developed and, whether true or not, they focus our attention on only those ideas. Some call this confirmation bias.

Our beliefs about ourselves are reflected in the way in which our lives unfold. If we believe that something will be too difficult or will never be available to us, then our lives will continue to reflect this “truth.” What’s important, then, is to open our minds to new and better possibilities. In other words, create new brain filters that support better beliefs. The most powerful way to do this is through visualization.By envisioning a more capable and successful version of ourselves, we create new brain patterns that reflect back a more powerful belief about our potential for improving our lives.

It’s important, however, to not only visualize a better life in our imagination, but to immerse ourselves in the feeling it generates and the energy that the feeling emits. In doing so, we realize that what we give out energetically can enable us to achieve exactly what we want.

When we understand the power of visualization and the energy that it creates, we hold the key to shifting from fear and resistance to reclaiming our personal power.

Put this into practice using these basic steps.

  1. Define your dreams.Determine what it is that you truly want for your life.
  2. Imagine the details.Create a detailed visualization in your mind of what you want. Identify specific aspects as if they are real.
  3. Internalize the feeling.Make sure that even though the feeling generates excitement, it still feels natural to you. It should cause your energy to elevate and expand.
  4. Revisit your vision regularly.Be persistent in concentrating on your image. Focus on the feelings that arise as you imagine this as your reality. With frequency, you’ll achieve the feeling that what you want is real.
  5. Trust in your potential.Have faith that you have the power within yourself to create the life you envision.

Through the power of visualization, you will shift your energy from fear and resistance to openness and expansion, which will allow promising possibilities to take hold.

Janet McKeeJanet McKee is a speaker, bestselling author, wellness expert and CEO of SanaView. She is one of only 200 elite Certified High Performance Coaches(TM) in the world and inducted as a member of the National Association of Experts, Writers and Speakers. She is author of the new book, Stressless Success: The Surprising Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose and Prosperity (Laurel Mountain Publishing). Janet created the acclaimed Accelerated High Performance Program and the emPower3 Leadership + Lifestyle Retreats to empower others to break negative patterns and achieve greater success. Learn more at




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