by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

Most of the time we live our lives, waiting for tomorrow. We plan, prepare, dream and hope that our dreams will come true.

Or, the opposite happens, we live in fear of what may be on the way and become frozen. What we imagine lays up ahead becomes more real than what is happening right now.

In this way, we lose this precious moment and we lose our lives. Instead we live in imagination, a make believe, unsatisfying life.

But this real moment is always available, and complete as it is. It beckons us, has treasures in it, but most of the time we pass it by. We pass by the joy and healing waiting for us right now, right here.

Instead we’re dwelling on tomorrow, trying to become ready for it — wondering what comes next?

The question “what’s next” becomes a true virus in our lives, pulling us out of what’s happening and what matters now.

Zen practice turns this all around, plants us deeply in this moment, where all is fine, and we can handle and enjoy whatever is.

Brenda Eshin Shoshanna
May All Be Well, and at Peace during these changing times.
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