Open Eyes, Open Arms
by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

It’s so easy to go through life with our eyes closed, dreaming, hoping, planning for better days. Of course as we do so, we not only miss what’s here right now, but have no idea how to greet the next day when it comes.

Dreams seems to comfort us, give life meaning and direction. We can get so lost in them, we even forget they are just dreams.

Not only are our eyes shut, our arms are often closed as well. We use our arms to push things away, or make ourselves safe, holding on for dear life.

This holding on and clinging to what we want, not only makes no difference, but causes us great pain. Open arms prevent that. Open arms embrace what comes, but provide room at the same time for it to stay or go.

Our arms are also used to fight the world, not to welcome and embrace it. The desire to attack life or ward it off causes inflammation, pain and all kinds of constriction. Zen practice comes to tell us to open our arms and eyes.

And, a combination of open eyes and open arms opens our heart as well. Then, whatever comes, immediately transports us to a life that constantly surprises us and offers gifts of every kind.


Brenda Eshin Shoshanna
May All Be Well, and at Peace during these changing times.
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