Your Built-in Power to Heal a World That Feels Divided
by Lisa Hromada

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Over the past year, we have seen and experienced a separateness unlike many have experienced before. It has been highlighted by social divide, political divide, racial divide, civil unrest, and an unprecedented physical distancing between communities, colleagues, friends and family as the 2020 pandemic worked its way through the nation and the world. You may have even experienced a “divide” within yourself as you were required to make shifts in how you live, thus feeling a separation that perhaps brought about questions about your life, your purpose and your connection to something greater.

This “something greater”—whether referred to as God, Jesus, Buddha, Source, the Way, or something else—speaks to a universal energy that works to benefit and guide all life as a part of divine creation. It is an energy of love and a giver of empowerments. In this energy we find flow in our life and we are able to co-write our story with God. We are able to find peace knowing that we are never alone and that we are always guided. This is something that I discovered several years back and have been sharing with others ever since.

Undoubtedly, the past year has had an impact on all aspects of how we experience life—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It may have sparked feelings of fear, doubt, loneliness or other negative emotions within you. Fortunately, it need not be difficult to find your way out of these feelings. In fact, each moment provides an opportunity to rekindle your internal power and create profound change in your life, and ultimately, your world. You do so by accessing a built-in power that exists within each person. This “power” is not self-made, but divinely provided and guided. And the only way to access this built-in power is to (you guessed it) go within.

Within each person exists an empowerment that allows us to transform any challenge into an opportunity for positive change. We have the ability to do so by consciously utilizing the divinely-given gifts of our physical body, thoughts, emotions and imagination, while simultaneously opening ourselves up to being guided by God. Indeed, the human body is an amazing instrument through which we can create a happy life. Although it requires a bit of work, the process is deeply fulfilling, and the rewards are beyond imagination.

This process is by no means a new concept. In fact, it is spoken about in nearly all religious and spiritual traditions, but the power of it is often forgotten. Because we often get caught up in the busyness of life—facing challenges, pursuing aspirations and finding peace in the face of differing opinions—we miss out on the moments we can create the most positive change. When you practice this process enough—look within, ask questions, listen for answers and take action—you form a powerful habit, and a new way of living is born within you, allowing your life to flow with greater ease.

Test this process out for yourself over the course of this month. Take quiet moments, sit, close your eyes and talk directly to this divine energy that infinitely guides your life. To give you an example, at times I sit and say in humble surrender, “Lord, I am weak in myself, but I am strong in You. I’m struggling with (name it) and I need your help. I’m open to your answers and guidance.” And then I wait for several minutes. Sometimes a thought or answer comes to me as I sit, and other times it comes later as I go about my days taking action in the most positive ways I know how. I strive to take positive actions for my physical body, thoughts, emotions and the possibilities that I imagine for my life.

You may experience subtle changes in how you feel or recognize opportunities opening up for you and prayers answered. This time of the year is about love, renewal, growth and new opportunities to flourish in whatever ways you wish. And you have all that you need within you to make it happen. When you look deep enough, you become gloriously aware of the power you have to make a positive impact in your own life as well as the lives of others, simply by being you. Accessing our built-in power is one way, and I believe the best way, to go from separateness to oneness—within our world, our community, our relationships and within ourselves. I believe that each step you take, each question you ask, and each action and thought of love that is brought to life within you has the power to bring together people and heal any divide.

Lisa HromadaLisa Hromada is a speaker and author in the field of spirituality and self-development. Her books are described as liberating, uplifting, deeply healing and nothing short of transformational. She shares a simple, yet profound message: You have all that you need to create a life of your choosing. Official Website:


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