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Re-facing Issues You Thought You Had Healed From
by Kate King

lotus flower

The layers of inner work inside of every person are a lot like a stack of bricks. The process of healing deeply entrenched patterns, the inner child, and trauma of all kinds must happen by thoughtfully deconstructing those inner brick walls. To disassemble the tower that blocks you from your optimal well being and freedom, […]


Rested, Relaxed and Ready: My Daily Fatigue Reduction Schedule
by Danielle Pashko – New York City

Daily fatigue can be a significant challenge for individuals with immune-compromising illnesses such as Lyme disease or long COVID-19. In my personal journey with managing both of these illnesses, I have discovered some empowering strategies that work for me. If you also struggle with an immune-compromising illness or just struggle with daily stress, these lifestyle […]


Release Emotional Baggage and Other Tips for Holiday Happiness
by Dr. Bradley Nelson

Emotional baggage from past holidays or unresolved issues between family members can turn any holiday season into a disaster. Letting go of emotional baggage will enable you to celebrate the season with greater joy. Here are tips from Dr. Brad on how to have happier and less stressful holidays:  Decide ahead to be flexible about […]


“A Polyvagal Healing”
by Diane Lundegaard – Dix Hills, NY

It only took a sudden breeze to get the aspens moving and singing. From their strong flexible trunks and swaying branches came the song of their heart shaped leaves. Throughout their pierced crowns one could see blue patches of the sky that carried their music across the Island. The tall trees sang swish swish each […]


Everyone is Intuitive, Especially in Dreams
by Dr. Michael Lennox

Physic Dreamer

If you are someone who regularly remembers your dreams, then there is a good chance you have had the eye-opening experience of precognitive dreaming. My own fascination with dreaming began when I was a teenager.  I was an avid dreamer and relished the process of waking up each day and ruminating over the rich landscapes […]


Why Being in the Current Political Civil War Won’t Benefit You Spiritually (And What Will)
by Steve Farrell – Boulder, CO

The level of anger, vitriol, and rage is at a fever pitch in American politics. But will taking a side and fighting against “the other side” in the current political civil war spiritually benefit you in the long run? Or is there a better option to take? What Is the Root Cause of the Current […]


No Worries!
by Ann Albers and the Angels – Phoenix, AZ

Hot air balloon flying over maze

There’s not a thing or a person on this earth that you need to worry about. There are, of course, people and situations that require attention, solutions, and plenty of love. There are powerful ways to assist even when you feel powerless in the 3D paradigm of reality. There are ways in which you can […]


Get a New Identity for the New Year
by Alan Cohen Hawaii

Master teacher Florence Scovel Shinn was walking through a toy store when she came upon a display featuring a huge mechanical bear with flaming eyes, showing its teeth, growling fiercely. At the bear’s feet stood a little boy looking up at the beast, smiling. “Aren’t you afraid of the bear?” Ms. Shinn asked the child. […]


You Can’t Say YES if You Can’t Say NO
by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

boy looking in mirror

We are constantly invited to be who we are. – Henry David Thoreau There are many recovery groups these days: groups for alcohol issues, drug abuse, relationship abuse, sexual addiction, eating disorders, addictions of all kinds. How about recovery of the Self? Addictions and obsessions are fueled by hunger for our real Self and the […]


5 Ways to Overcome Insecurity, Jealousy and Anger
by Ted Orenstein

Of course, everyone does from time to time. And when that happens, those negative emotions or impulses can overwhelm you, taking over both your mind and body. Why are these forces so powerful? Your ego has developed over the years through painful and happy experiences. Feelings of insecurity, jealousy, fear, and other destructive, knee-jerk emotional […]