My “Old” Dog Plays Like a Two-year Old Again!

Pet parents are in a state of extraordinary awe when they see the effects the full Cornucopia diet has on the lives of their pet children. These are people that are taking an unwavering and decisive stance against pet food poison by viewing their pets’ diet as a paradigm to prevent disease, sickness, and a family member’s beloved life cut too short by lethal chemicals, toxins, and by-products found in all the other ” pet food” out there.

These are the people that make the big, consistent change — not just making Cornucopia a once or twice a month kind of meal. They’ve made Cornucopia the daily diet for their pets, allowing for incredible results like Ty the 13-year-old Border Collie as recounted by his parent:

As a six-month-old, Ty was struck by a vehicle, resulting in a damaged hip. Although he seemed to recover nicely, he didn’t always put much weight on the hip, often running using only three legs. We were told that this would become worse as he got older, perhaps leading to arthritis and with it, the increased use of medication.

Of course as he got older, there was a decrease in overall energy level. He became less playful, less willing to go outside, and just ran around less. After all, a 13 year-old dog is an “old” dog, right?

About a year ago I began feeding Ty Phyto-Food and Super-Food as well as Cornucopia All-Natural Pet Food. At about nine months, we increased the ration. And the result?

We have a different dog! He plays with his toys with gusto, as if a two or three year old again. He has energy to burn, and is a lively and sometimes noisy (he loves to bark, as if to thank us!) presence in our lives. He runs at top speed, keeps a careful watch over our cattle, and his eyes and coat of fur look real nice. This is a far cry from the popular notion that 13 is “old” for a dog.

I believe that this is exactly what the doctor ordered, so to speak. I can now treat my dog with beautiful, non-toxic, nourishing supplements, just as I would my own self. What a concept! Our local vet says that this dog has the heart of an athlete, and I believe it. I now have the confidence, assurance, and above all, peace of mind that Ty will live to a ripe old age with a high quality of life.

I’m thankful for the products developed by Dr. Broderick. I recommend them highly to anyone reading this.

While this story may be your first exposure to Cornucopia’s miraculous and life-changing benefits, it’s something I see on a weekly basis. It’s not so much a miracle in my eyes as it is the culmination of 52 years of intensive scientific discovery where every minute, every ounce of my energy has been dedicated to giving our pets a better, healthier life through real, harm-free food that even you can eat!


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