Getting to Know Your Inner Guidance System
by Ellen Meredith

Energy medicine is the practice of communicating with yourself using the language of energy. You are made of energy; your body communicates with itself using energy; and your actions and choices are fueled by energies as well. You are essentially a matrix of swirling, intertwining subtle forces, not the solid “thing” your mind perceives.

The guidance I get when I tune in to my body taps into this energetic exchange. What I receive is not always in words, and it isn’t usually philosophical beliefs or platitudes. It arises in pictures and direct knowing, feelings and sensations, nudges or clear understandings. It comes to me in the language my body speaks: energy. And I try to respond in kind, communicating not just with thought or words but energetically, with movement, gesture, image, sound, smell, sensation, activity, and more.

When you can tap into all that communication through energetic exchange and partner with your own subtle energies, you will find yourself able to heal most anything. Beyond that, you will discover your own individual ways to be well and flourish.

This seems like a big promise. But it is really just common sense:

  • If you can communicate with yourself and within yourself, you can activate the amazing internal guidance system built into how we are structured to determine what you need moment by moment.
  • You can also make clearer choices about what you do and how you do it. u When you can communicate this way, your body feels heard and supported and stops shouting at you with symptoms.
  • In addition, your stress levels drop, because you are aligned within yourself, from inner truth through outer expression.
  • Your body can then use its resources to heal rather than needing them to cope with stress.
  • The “instructions” that allocate resources and guide your body to function shift to actively support well-being rather than dis-ease.
  • This fuels you to develop your gifts and fulfill your potential.

An unexpected benefit of learning to hear body guidance is that it opens you and provides the instrument for hearing the guidance of your Wiser Self and Councils as well.

Your inner guidance system is not just a right-answer machine, telling you, “Yes, do this” or “No, avoid that.” It is also not just a place to seek higher spiritual guidance from your Councils, though that is valuable. It is a form of inner wisdom, built into the instrument that is your body, specific to you as a soul having a human experience. It’s a source of ongoing specific and pertinent insight about what is happening within your creation of self and world — what is needed, what is intended, what is viable or unsustainable, and so on. It’s there to help you see more clearly, choose more wisely, and experience more fully.

And it is the doorway to everything: healing, fulfilling your soul’s potential, peace, and radical change.

Why is it important to get to know this guidance system and access this doorway? Increasingly, all of us are being buffeted by shifts in our circumstances, thinking, and the world as we know it. This deeply affects our ability to heal, be well, and evolve our bodies (and social structures) to handle new situations. If I can’t tune in to my inner guidance system for truth and clarity about my own soul’s choices, I am at the mercy of the swirling winds of change and the theories, competing beliefs, and even slippery “facts” of our present time. Inner guidance acts as a crucial anchor in times of uncertainty.

Radical change is likely to be the theme of our shared reality for some time to come. I think it is ironic that 2020 was the year when crazy worldwide upheaval manifested in the form of a global pandemic, social disruption, collapse of infrastructure, and collision between autocracy and the voice of the people — 2020, which for eyes means perfect vision!

Around 2010, one vision my inner teachers offered was that we were entering a new era that would be ushered in by at least thirty years of radical change. The word radical derives from the Late Latin word radicalis: “forming the root, inherent.” And so radical change is not so much about altering the outer conditions or arguing over new policies and rules as it is about experiencing a transformation in our hearts and minds, in our habits and ways of communicating.

From my perspective, that is great news. You can transform the outer world by refocusing your attention on the core. As my Councils put it, “The task is to find the true shift that brings you home when homeless, into safety when threatened, into allegiance when split, into connection with the inner sparks that will fuel this journey.”

And they added: “As you learn to do this, you bring others along.”

I have come to see this new era as the rise of empowered yin. After some ten thousand years of extreme yang — outward-focused growth, evolution, and actions — the tide is turning to pull us inward again, gently leading us to get to know our roots, our receptive and creative side, our ability to gestate new life in the womb of inner awareness.

It is something like a new tooth erupting: we are going to love it when it arrives, but in the meantime, the gums are inflamed, and it is painful to chew.

I grew up in the feminist 1970s, marching to transform the world. We proclaimed, “The personal is political.” We pushed as hard as we could for justice. Some things changed, but a lot didn’t. The systems that create inequity continued their inevitable advance toward this moment, when they are finally collapsing under their own weight — unsustainable, unaffordable, and unlivable.

Now, the world is changing us. I like to think mother nature let us have our freedom to run amok, to live in disharmony with her and with our creature nature, until this moment. Today, she is inviting us, event by event, to wake up to what we have been doing to our bodies, minds, and spirits. We are being shown how life as we have been living it has affected our physical, mental, spiritual, and societal health and the health of the planet.

What we took for granted, what we considered order, what we thought about ourselves and other people are all coming into question. We are being unmasked, even those of us who felt awakened and evolved. And within that process, mother nature is giving us the opportunity to evolve further and come home to wiser ways of being. I’m not blaming mother nature here for the collapse of societies as we’ve known them — I am giving her credit!

Excerpted from the book from Your Body Will Show You the Way: Energy Medicine for Personal and Global Change ©2022 by Ellen Meredith. Printed with permission from New World Library —

Ellen MeredithEllen Meredith is the author of Your Body Will Show You the Way and The Language Your Body Speaks. She has been in practice since 1984 as an energy healer, conscious channel, and medical intuitive, helping over ten thousand clients and students worldwide. Visit her online at





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