by Donna Martini – Oyster Bay, NY

“Ridicruel” is what I call an opinion that is delivered with lambasting and name-calling because it is no longer thoughtful or heartfelt commentary. It’s just bullying and abuse.

And when we engage in ridicruel, our goal is obviously not to share the best of ourselves. It is not to share wisdom, inspiration, knowledge, or information. It is to undermine and sometimes completely trash another person’s work, reputation, and self-esteem. That’s not an opinion either. That’s a mission.

The crazy part of this, though, is when we unleash cruel words on a public platform, our goal goes on display for millions to see … millions who include our friends, family, lovers, neighbors, employers, employees, co-workers, clients, constituents, and customers; past, current, and future.

Maybe we don’t care how many people we hurt or how we explode our thoughts and emotions online, but many of them do.

If we change our goal, though, we instantly change our energy, our focus, and our origin of power. And, we instantly change how we are perceived.

Putting Love into our words is as easy as making a decision because when we do this, the Soul takes over. Our simply human way of responding to others turns into inspiring words of wisdom, and our point comes across with power and positive influence.

More importantly, the Love we share raises our vibration; it lifts us to a new level of being that allows for so much joy and happiness to flow into our lives.


Donna MartiniDonna Martini is an activist, speaker, cartoonist, and author of two books, The Ten Commandments of Divorce and My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras. As an intuitive coach, she helps businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, families, and individuals learn how to tap into their full potential through an energy technique she calls Positive Manipulation®. Her cartoon character, MantraMouse®, uses simple phrases to help people of all ages come to understand their human complexities, innate power, and potential. And with her recent music video release, #OneNationsHeart, Donna hopes to promote more love and unity of spirit in America. She can be reached at donna@donnamartini.com https://www.facebook.com/




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