Charisma is Essential Now More Than Ever: 5 Tips for Instant Charisma
by Leesa Rowland – New York City

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Charisma is an exceptionally important trait, especially now. As we come out of the pandemic, during which we have been spending so much time alone and missing the human interaction which is so essential to our emotional and mental health, people may be feeling socially awkward about a return to social settings. With quarantine-induced social anxiety a real concern, communication is key to achieving a smooth re-entry into society.

Here are my tips for enhancing your charisma factor and returning to society
with grace and style.

  1. Smile. The masks are coming off and we get to see smiles again. Take advantage of this by wearing your most charismatic and genuine smile. A smile is a great conversation starter and makes a universally friendly non-verbal statement.
  2. Show warmth. We have missed out on regular social interactions, what with all the mask wearing and social distancing. People need to feel the compassion of others. Make the most of this situation by letting others know how much you sincerely care about them.
  3. Actively listen and engage. Personal interactions are very important and during the lock-down, these social skills have gone unused. We need to make other people feel like we value what they have to say and are genuinely interested in them. After feeling so isolated, what people need is to be heard.
  4. Make eye contact. Interacting with people online is substantially different than interacting with people in real life. What fun it is to see people face to face and gaze into their eyes again! Charismatic eye contact gives people instant validation.
  5. Find a common ground. Being charismatic is all about connecting with others. This is how we genuinely bond and form friendships. It’s always fun to discover something in common with another person; it’s validating to feel connected to others, and especially important as we come out of the pandemic.

Leesa Rowland is an actress, and animal advocate, and author of The Charisma Factor,

 She grew up in Austin, Texas where she studied broadcast journalism. Leesa is the founder and president of the nonprofit organization, Animal Ashram, an animal welfare group located in New York City. Leesa is a predominate figure on the New York City and Hamptons charity circuit and is supportive of children, victims of domestic violence, and animal causes.



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