Embracing the Power of Healing
by Dr. Mark Mincolla – Braintree MA

I’d like to begin by underscoring that doctoring and healing are two distinctly different things. Doctoring generally refers to the engagement of material medicines and medical procedures that bring about physical, cellular changes that improve one’s health. In the grand scheme of things, doctoring is matter based.

Healing, on the other hand, reflects a more transcendent approach to mending the mind and minding the body. Where doctoring is representative of matter, healing is all about energy.

The entire universe is comprised of energy and matter—with 99.99% of everything being energy. So, when we talk about the power of healing, we are talking about power that is derived from everything around and within us. Around us is a universe of energy that can be tapped into and channeled for the purposes of healing. Within us, there is what I like to call the inner-verse, or inner universe, an infinite domain of mind and spirit that is a veritable sea of infinite energy. This infinite internal power can also be channeled for purposes of healing.

If we are to embrace and ultimately master the power of healing, we must first change the perception of our identity as well as the reality that governs our general belief system. Reality has been reauthored by quantum mechanics, which contends that everything is energy—everything including healing.

Energy determines and reflects our wellness as well as our healing prospects. In fact, life force energy is the key, determining factor of our degree of wellness or lack thereof. Think about it. When you attend a wake, you witness the physical body of the deceased completely absent of all life force energy. The difference between seeing them motionless at the wake and up and moving prior to their passing is life force energy.

Positive thoughts, meditation, healthy foods, exercise, and clean air and water are all forms of the natural life force generating catalysts that have the power to imbue life force and engage healing.

We are living in a very different time. Throughout recent history, ours has been a predominantly material culture that’s ascribed to physical doctoring. But there are things smaller than an atom, and in some cases even invisible, that we’re not aware of contributing mightily to healing.

Thoughts, wishes, hopes, dreams, and prayers are all part of the miracle healing process. By embracing the reality that is energy, and consciously living within its boundless spans, we embrace the miraclemaking power of healing. Doctoring is biological and anatomical. Healing is magical. Before we can embrace the magic of healing, we must first engage the power of our all-powerful source energy.

When I say source, I mean there is an essence to our overall being. Each of us is comprised of different components of self. We have a physical body, a mental body, an emotional body, a spiritual body and a soul. Soul is representative of our source. Soul is the eternal reflection of our being, the part of us that is umbilically tied to the energy of the universe, the part of us that never dies.

It is by the higher consciousness that we emanate through our soul source, and it is our soul source that activates our highest healing potential. We all possess the capability to create miracle healing, which can only be activated and channeled through our core.

Our miracle healing powers must be charged up through meditation, trance, contemplation, and prayer. These generate states of mind that extend our powers beyond the norm, flowing into higher realms where miracles and transcendent healing power indigenously flow. I refer to this process as the attainment of superconsciousness.

Superconsciousness is the merger of our higher mind with universal mind. The superconscious state is the only state where miracle healing manifests. In essence, our mortal self doesn’t possess the power to render such healing, but by cultivating superconsciousness, we gain access to that place where miracles reside and the power of healing can be embraced.

Having performed over 60,000 holistic healing consultations over the past 37 years, I’ve learned that miracle healing is less about what we do and more about who we are. We have two very different selves. One possesses the capability to invoke miracle healing, the other doesn’t. Our material self can’t access the superconsciousness state that can empower us to perform miracle healing. If we wish to embrace healing and perform healing miracles, we must first dedicate ourselves to the cultivation of higher consciousness. Only by transforming our identity can we embrace healing and perform healing miracles.

Our embracing the power of healing tells a story about our return to an ancient past. Long before there were doctors, medical technologies, and pharmaceutical medicines, there were alchemists, medicine men, medicinal herbs, and the healing human touch. We are witnessing a return to the simple, natural healing ways of our ancestors. And, most importantly, we are returning to our source, the innermost soulful domain within us where the way of healing miracles awaits.

Mark Mincolla has a PhD in health from Columbia Pacific University and is a holistic practitioner of thirty-seven years. Dr. Mincolla has performed more than 60,000 holistic health consultations, dedicating his time to healing people through alternative medicine. He has written multiple books, his most recent being The Way of Miracles: Accessing Your Superconsciousness published by Beyond Words with an accompanying film by the same name. Meet Mark at at markmincolla.com.





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