You Are Never Alone – Turning to the Light
by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

lotus flower

It often seems as if we are left alone in this world , having to battle gigantic forces, having no power to turn darkness around.

But this amazing week, and season, says otherwise. This is a time of turning deeply to the light. Many holidays converge now, all dedicated to living a life if kindness, wisdom and truth.

The sense that we are weak and helpless, and similar illusions can grip us and tie us up into a knot of pain or despair. However, the time of Light, says we all have the power to turn in another direction. We can take our focus off the difficulties we perceive and gaze upon the light.

We can sit, pray, laugh, love and give our strength and focus to that which has the power to turn life into joy. Take a moment to notice what you are dedicated to, how you face your difficulties and see your role in this world.

Then step by step, turn away from despair in the direction of who you really are. What we focus on is what we receive. Great strength and power reside within. We can bring light, share light, and take our energy away from harbingers of doom.



Zen and Relationships
On Zoom
The First Meeting of Our New Workshop Program took place last Sunday.
We explored The Truth About Love, and how to practice it in all our relationships, and with everyone we meet.
The process is so enjoyable and there are so many Principles of love to explore, I hope to conduct at least one Workshop a month. The Practice of Love is especially wonderful to do around the holiday time.
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