Multidimensionality: What Lies Beyond 3D?
by LON

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What lies beyond 3D? What is reality? Can we define it as an absolute, or is it perhaps different for everyone? If I ask you right now to tell me something that is real, what is the first thing that comes to mind? How do you know it is real?

I asked my son this question a while ago. He answered: “That chair there is real.” I asked him what made it real, and he said that he could see it, feel it… and throw it. His example of reality was directly related to his senses.

According to the dictionary, reality can be defined as: “the true situation that exists or something that actually exists or happens.” So, how do we know if something actually exists? When we can see it? Hear it? Touch, taste, or smell it? These are all experiences driven by the five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. These senses are all related to organs in the physical body that send signals to the brain to provide feedback about the world around us, a form-based, three-dimensional, physical world. All this is very important for a physical being living in a physical world. The feedback is crucial to our health and well-being, and even our survival. Collective reality has mostly been defined based on things that can be experienced by the five senses and explained by science.

So, what about all the things that are not perceivable with our five senses, but we can deeply experience? Intangibles like love or God? Or the things we intuitively sense?

We are clearly more than our physical bodies. We are a complex mixture of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual elements, and our health, happiness, and well-being derive from the balance between all of them. While our physical senses help us to navigate the 3D world, technological innovation has brought our understanding beyond what we can perceive with our five physical senses, and we are collectively moving into a new and mostly unexplored world of multidimensionality—a realm of subtle energies and unlimited potential. Because multidimensionality brings in the unseen, mysterious, subtle, and often still unrealized, it has been only part of the personal reality of those who could access it through their consciousness. Now, physics starts to sound more and more like the descriptions of reality that shamans and healers have long worked with, that artists have tapped into, that creators who draw on intuition and inspiration have declared to be their domain.

Our physical senses are not of much use in this new realm of multidimensionality. We need to learn how to use a new sense… one that is not based in the physical. We need to develop our intuition and our heart-centered perception to evolve, along with the world, out of 3D and into multidimensionality. To learn how to become aware of everything multidimensional—and all the subtle layers of reality—we have to understand how to receive that information. You cannot be aware of all the subtle ways the Universe is communicating with you unless you tune in to the space where that communication is available. The language of multidimensionality comes to us through intuition, and our consciousness is going to create the foundation of a multidimensional world. Accessing our ability to perceive the subtle layers of this exciting, mysterious, and still mostly unexplored new realm awakens our potential to work what our ancestors might have called magic and gives us the resources to work miracles.

We are on the cusp of perhaps the biggest leap in human evolution as we are awakening to a new reality of a multidimensional world that reflects our thoughts, intents, dreams, and visions. Imagination is the bridge between the subtle realm of multidimensionality and the 3D world where our visions and dreams are created in tangible form. Within the multidimensional realm lies the power to our magic. We are about to uncover that we are all great magicians with the potential to perform powerful magic in perfect alignment with our wildest imaginations.

We are the Modern Merlins.

Modern Merlin Uncover Your Magical PowersLon

Lon is an internationally acclaimed sacred geometry artist and creator of two bestselling and award-winning oracle decks. As founder of Lon Art, she offers tools for transformation, readings, an online course, and personal soul portraits that connect you to your soul purpose. Lon’s work inspires authentic insights and activates thinking beyond the everyday, so you can make real changes in your life and become the best possible version of yourself. Modern Merlin is her first book and has an associated online course offering a deeper introduction to the concepts and patterns that construct your life. For more information, visit





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