You Came Here for THIS Time
by Lori Ladd

lotus flower

When I was 13, I was walking down the street in my hometown, and I heard a voice within me say, “You are here to assist humanity through the ascension and evolution in human consciousness. I had no idea what this voice meant other than I would be helping humans through a very dark time in history. I could see with my third eye what this meant.

The voice was my Higher Self, reminding me of why I incarnated. It took me 25 more years before I stepped into this role I came to play. The reason I share this with you now is that you too have a role to play in this most miraculous and important shift in the human collective.

Regardless of how you view yourself, where you are in your life, what you are doing or not doing, judgments and expectations you may have around your life and yourself, I can promise you, you came here for this time.

There are no mistakes in where you find yourself right now. You trained most of your life for this moment even if you have no idea what that means.

You chose this time to incarnate into the human body to show up for humanity.

Your traumas are not your enemy but your freedom. The shadow you hold within will uncover the light you came to be here for the world. Do not underestimate you.

Throw out the expectations and the judgments. Just be you. Show up as you.

Every one of us is playing a different role but every single role is making a difference whether you believe that or not. You are making a difference. I love you.


Lori LaddLorie Ladd is a teacher, speaker, and author guiding humanity through the collective and individual evolution of human consciousness.






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