Tantra’s Radical Self-Love
by Yogini Gopika (Kim Williams) – India

Tantra is known as a path that worships Devi: Sanskrit for Goddess, she who is heavenly. It is a path that honors the divine feminine in all her manifestations. While meditating on this, I realized that one of Tantra’s main precepts of self-acceptance is totally in line with the motherly quality of unconditional love.

That deep fathomless love that knows no bounds, is one of the Goddess’s most defining qualities. Tantra amplifies this divine expression of love to all living beings, one’s own self and the very essence of existence.

Tantra is about freeing ourselves from bondage and what could be more liberating than radical self-love? As we connect with Shakti and soften into her embrace – or in other words – as we accept our reality as it is, while trusting in the universal plan; our nervous system relaxes and we can begin to see the beauty in ourselves and in our lives, despite perceived imperfections. Actually all is perfect in its essence and when we realize this we become naturally peaceful.

What could be more beautiful than a spirituality that encourages us to experience unfathomable love from the Universal Mother, Shakti Herself. She is the source of overflowing abundance, encouragement and unfailing support. Together with her male counterpart, Shiva, supreme consciousness; Shiva and Shakti create and support the entire cosmic manifestation (all of existence). Being in the arms of the Divine Mother, allowing her to fill us up and guide our lives; requires that we surrender to what is and have faith in what will be. It takes practice and constant remembrance of Her presence.

Tantra is a welcome relief from religions and doctrines that emphasize how one should be and what one should do. Its aim is the awakening of deeper intelligence, direct connection and intuitive power. We are invited to embrace all that we are with loving compassion, moving past guilt and shame. It is only from that state that growth and transformation can truly take place.

The Tantric concept of union refers to an inner union of self, an integrated state of being that brings about wholeness and contentment. Moving beyond self-judgment; light and dark are welcomed as equally important on the journey of life. Repression leads to separation and fragmentation. Self-love gives us the handling capacity to go through our own darkness safely and securely. Tantra opens the door to the “unacceptable” by welcoming it into the light.

Energy is released as we become free of what we were resisting or, in some cases, repressing all together. This energy can be channeled into our life’s mission and personal growth. Moving past perfectionism allows us to create a more spacious existence. On a cellular level we come to realize that we are already perfect in this moment right now. This is amazingly liberating and takes away the stress of striving for something out of our reach.

The tantric path requires Virya, or bravery coupled with `Sraddhà, or faith. When we have full faith in the divine plan and are actually in tune with universal energies, we naturally become courageous as we feel universally supported. The two together allow us to jump into the unknown, while feeling that we have a safety net. When we are following our heart’s true calling, we cannot fail. The Universal Mother is always there to pick us up if we call out to Her with devotion. Yet, it is us who must take the first steps towards loving ourselves unconditionally that gives us the personal power to follow our dreams.

Yogini Gopika (Kim Williams) is an Ayurvedic Practitioner. She offers personal consultations and life coaching. kishorigopika@hotmail.com.


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