by Annette Goggio – Oakhurst, CA

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We are not victims of our destiny. What exists for us in our future is purely of our own choice.

True, there are elements in our lives that present themselves at times but it is still our choice to use those elements, those moments, those people who show up, those events in which to take a role or not. The trouble is in not recognizing that we are manifesting our destiny all the time.

It can be a small desire or a large one that causes those elements to show up. We may not even be aware of our desiring. An idea can form in our mind and off we go into a cloud of wanting something. We can be touched emotionally by a movie, a conversation with a friend, or a picture in a magazine and we feel something to its end, an end we couldn’t have imagined. Or we can wake up in the morning and have a strong urge to call someone, drive somewhere we haven’t been before, or just stay in place and boom, something important happens in our life. In each of these scenarios, we play a central part in creating what we could call destiny.

We can also consciously desire something, pray for it, think we are doing all we can to create it and then nothing happens. What gives? It turns out that we may project conflicting desires that tells the universe, give me this—oh but if you do then I have to deal with that—and then I’ll have to do this, and so on and so on. Thus, inaction is the only course you can be on, which is in itself the manifestation of your desires—your desire to have that thing, your desire not to have to deal with it if you got it, and the desire to not have to take action. Money and healing. Two of the most sought-after outcomes that are not always forthcoming, no matter the amount of desiring, for the reasons I have just mentioned.

We are not one in our conscious or unconscious deliberations. Our Mind, our Heart and our Soul are in the mix, that can often have different points of view on a matter, known or not. To discern whether these three parts of us are in sync, ask the following questions: (1) What does the Mind think? (2) What does the Heart feel? And, (3) What does the Soul urge? If any one of these parts of us are at odds with another, inaction will likely be the outcome. If all three are in agreement, hang on, something will show up, though it may surprise us in what form it comes. Unlike our usual cause-effect expectations in life, we will get it in a form or presentation that is in our highest good, not necessarily a replica of what we’ve seen in our Mind or Heart or Soul. Why is that? Because we don’t know what is in our highest good for that particular time, that particular place, and that particular desire.

What if we’re not consciously desiring something or questioning our Mind, our Heart and our Soul and still something surprising shows up that causes us to make a decision? It could be a matter of prior agreements we’ve made in the time between lives—to meet up with someone, do something, or be somewhere. These are the elements that drop in at crucial times in our life, to think on, to feel deeply, to explore our life path. Asking those same questions will guide us through the choices that are presented. Though we may not be consciously aware of the asking, we will be, and hopefully hearing a clear voice within ourselves, yes or no, to create what we need and want.

Annette Cravera GoggioAnnette Goggio, MPH, holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in the health sciences. Her practice in energy medicine is based on the teachings of Dixie Yeterian and Donna Eden of Eden Energy Medicine. Ms. Goggio offers a suite of services including hands-on and distant healing, life counseling, and numerology. To learn more please visit: Her recent book, Healing: A Conversation, provides readers with a framework for understanding life purpose and the education of the soul.




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