When Will Life Stop Being Such a Struggle?
by Ann Albers & The Angels

So many times you ask us, “When will life stop being such a struggle?” Our answer, with great love, is always, “when you stop struggling with life.”

Consider a stream. Unobstructed it flows smoothly, gracefully, swiftly, and powerfully. When it encounters an obstacle, such as a boulder that it cannot move, temporarily some of the currents in the stream push against the boulder. Their flow becomes chaotic, slower, and less powerful. Sometimes the water that runs into the boulder even bounces back upstream, temporarily…. until it surrenders to the greater current, joins the path of least resistance, and flows smoothly around the boulder.

In your life, when you encounter something that you consider to be a boulder – something you cannot change and do not want in your path – you have a few choices. You can rally against your “boulders.” You can struggle to change them. You can resist the fact that they even exist. You can resent the people, situations, and things that are unwanted in your life all you want and yet dear ones… there is an easier and quicker way around your boulders in life… and like that stream, it involves surrendering to the path of least resistance.

Suppose someone won’t cooperate with you. Your boss won’t give you time off. Your ex won’t pay child support. The slowest car in traffic won’t change lanes. You can’t get a customer service representative on the line… and the list goes on. You have encountered what you feel is a “boulder” in life – something, someone, or some situation that you perceive to be in the way of your graceful, happy flow in life.

You can sit and complain about the situation all you like but that is unlikely to change the situation. You can try to cajole, bully, or manipulate another person but that is unlikely to work as well. You can honk your horn in traffic or curse at the driver ahead of you. You can waste your precious life force trying to change the external circumstances – the “boulders” in your life – or you can surrender to your heart of hearts, surrender to love, and allow your guidance to carry you right around these perceived challenges.

This takes faith in the fact that you are loved. It takes faith in the fact that the creator of universes knows infinite resources and 7.8 billion people, many of whom could be helpful. It takes faith in the fact that the power that created your body can heal it, that the eternal source of all abundance can guide you to what you need, and the light that lives and breathes in all souls truly wants to assist you with more cooperative and harmonious relationships.

As you let go of the struggle with the things, people, and situations you don’t want, you make room for the things, people, and situations you do. You can’t push against a boulder and flow downstream at the same time. You can, however surrender to the present moment, to what is right in front of you, and in the very next moment, surrender to your heart and allow yourself to be assisted in flowing towards what you really desire – peace, happiness, abundance, kindness, harmony, health, and the things that you’d like, situations you want… perhaps coming in a way that looks a little different than you originally envisioned.

Are you willing to trust you are loved? Then, dear ones stop struggling with life. Stop talking about what shouldn’t exist, who shouldn’t be doing what, who is getting in your way, what is stopping you, or how challenged, sick, broke, angry, frustrated, jealous, or upset you are. Stop telling the story of the boulder stopping you and start telling the story about how love is trying to help.

We love you so much and we see a lot of your unnecessary struggles with life as we gently attempt to whisper in your hearts, “Let go. Let God. We want to help…”

There are many boulders in your world right now. Are you going to struggle with them, or allow yourself to flow around them? It is your choice. Next time you encounter what you perceive to be a boulder in life, stop. Breathe. Relax. Say to yourself, “It is what it is. Life is what it is. I am who I am. I know what I want… what next?” Drop into your heart and you will feel your next step.

Someone won’t cooperate? “They are who they are. I am who I am. I know what I want. What next?” Perhaps you will be impulsed to have a conversation from the heart. Perhaps you’ll be impulsed to work with someone else. Perhaps you’ll be shown a path to work around this individual. There are so many possible solutions. Your heart will tell you the next step.

As you stop resisting the boulders in your life and instead breathe, drop into your hearts and find the next step – the thing to think or do that feels kindest, easiest, most loving – then you, like the stream, will discover the path of least resistance, cease your struggling and be guided to the life you truly want once again.

God bless you!
Ann Albers,





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