by Annette Cravera Goggio – Oakhurst, CA

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I struggle with serenity, the not having it as a state of being. I wake in the dark of night, uncomfortable in my bed, in physical pain, going over conversations I had during the day or heard on the TV that most probably are the cause of that pain. Though I know serenity is achievable in my meditations, at those times, those alone times in the night, I wonder why it is so hard to feel at peace, comfortable in my skin. I think fondly of earlier times, before COVID and before all the unrest, but here we are. Achieving a state of serenity certainly takes more travel time, and effort now.

I know it’s important to keep moving toward peace within myself. My cells cannot bear the stress and it is unfair to subject them to the whims of deconstructive forces and then not give them relief. They are what keep me here and alive.

One thing said to me a long time ago by my Guidance: “Don’t let in what disturbs or creates struggle—a tightened jaw, a tense neck, stiff arms. Discontinue all outside of you that breaks the serenity within. You know the feeling. And the opposite…Go back to serenity, the blissful state. You have it within yourself to retrieve.” Oh, I now want to say back, really? How can I do that and be a part of humanity, with its infusion of television, computer science experiments, our discourse in shops, bars, on the street, and the constant threat of illness—disturbing and disrupting any sense of peace in me? How can I not involve myself in such forces?

How do I balance these forces with those of the One/All? The simple, loving, supportive forces of life? In the dark of night, I think of the coming light and bring to myself a collection of words that I read somewhere many years ago and say them out loud:

I am the light;

The light is within me;

The light moves through me;

The light surrounds and protects me;

I am the light.

I feel warm and expanded, heightened, loving. I am at once, there, lying on the pillow of serenity and sleep joins me, gratefully.

GoggioAnnette Goggio, MPH, holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in the health sciences. Her practice in energy medicine is based on the teachings of Dixie Yeterian and Donna Eden of Eden Energy Medicine. Ms. Goggio offers a suite of services including hands-on and distant healing, life counselling, and numerology. To learn more please visit: Her recent book, Healing: A Conversation, provides readers with a framework for understanding life purpose and the education of the soul.





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