The Spirit of Color
by Peter Nolan – Huntington, NY

Every color has a spiritual vibration. This vibration is an expression of consciousness or even an actual spiritual being manifesting as a color. For example, the color orange has different levels of opacity or luminosity within that orange. We are visually aware that the color orange can appear in multiple different shades, but we may not be aware that each of those shades is representative of a consciousness of that color.

This consciousness may be of a higher or lower vibration, or as Rudolf Steiner would say, either giving more of a life-force, or more of a materially dense force.

The pure rainbow colors represent the higher bodies of life in man or on earth. The earth tones represent grounded-ness and more of a limitation of consciousness; it’s more muddy in terms of the vibrational patterns of the earth tones. This is not about “bad” or “good”, but rather an understanding that color has vibrational impacts upon earth and one’s awareness. When things are darkened the consciousness field slows down. The purer the color is, (more clean and not so muddied), the greater the beneficial life-force energy. Whether it’s the rainbow colors or the earth tones, if they are muddied, the effect is not as marked.

Anthroposophical medicine uses color therapy, according to Rudolf Steiner, for therapeutic application. Steiner’s focus was to bring the spiritual knowledge of the color beings in their essence, expressed in the rainbow colors, as a study to learn how to utilize those colors through Lazure or Veil painting. These styles, also known as “the homeopathy of art” use the rainbow colors in layers that represent different levels of clarity or purity. Art in these forms can be used to help influence an environment or a person in the room that has a Lazure wall or painting. One is affected vibrationally on a subtle level, in their etheric body, to receive some beneficial influence.

Everything is living, including the colors!

Peter Nolan has been creating art through various mediums for over 50 years. He was inspired to use art as therapy and made a thorough study of Rudolf Steiner’s Antroposophical Medicine, which included art therapy and Lazure and Veil painting. To view and purchase Peter’s work, visit:




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