The Ultimate Relationship: When “Nourishment” Means Self-Care / Self-Love
by Sandy Robertson

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There is so much in the media about food. Trending photos, diets, ways to eat, ways to fast, what is good, what is bad.

People feel pressure…”am I eating right for me?” But they may be slightly missing the point. They should also be asking themselves: “why do I want to eat this right now … and how can I nourish myself mind, body spirit and energy system in deeper ways?”

I notice that despite rigorous attention to food and food trends many people are still tired, feel sluggish, notice mood shifts, are sleep deprived and generally do not feel their best.

There are possible medical reasons that should be checked out by a medical expert, preferably one with expertise in integrative and/or functional medicine. Sometimes a mental health expert can offer important guidance too.  A medical expert can do proper testing to determine if there is an allergy, food sensitivity or other cause of a metabolic imbalance.

After a doctor has been consulted and guidance has been given, you can still ask yourself some important questions to fine-tune your unique body, mind, spirit and energy system.

Ask yourself “Am I getting adequate nourishment mental, emotional and spiritual? Is my energy system balanced, or bombarded with environmental over-stimulation?

These may be radical questions for people who already eat healthily and exercise daily. They think they have it covered. But how we feel is a constant interplay between our minds, bodies, emotions and spirits. Think of a kaleidoscope; tweak it a bit and everything changes.

And we are also intricate, delicate energy systems, with thousands of neurons and neural pathways and working parts, affected by our emotions, stress, and our external environment.

In my career as a holistic nurse, medical intuitive and energy healer, when I’m with a client, I am inquiring about their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. I am also assessing their energy system and its flow, noting energetic congestion in any one area.

By the end of the session, from talking with the client and doing a thorough intake depending on the focus of the session, I’ve learned a lot about this person’s daily habits and how they are caring for themselves, on all levels.

Most people who are on a holistic/spiritual path take very good care of themselves and are conscious about their mental, emotional and spiritual needs. But they may still occasionally feel out of balance and depleted.

I invite clients to do a deep dive into how they are nourishing themselves and practicing self-care. Here are some of the questions I ask clients, while addressing their unique health situation:

Food:  Are you snacking frequently to deal with uncomfortable or unpleasant emotions?

Do you read labels?

Are you using food as the main/only way to self soothe, instead of other healthier options?

Do you eat too fast, out of habit, or because those around you are eating fast?


Self-Talk: What is the tone of what you are saying to yourself throughout the day?

Are your self-to-self messages critical and blaming, or nurturing and supportive?

Do you catch yourself and shift to something positive and self-affirming, like you would for a friend?

Are you able to have compassion for yourself?


Emotions: Are you aware of your emotional highs and lows and what might be causing them? Are they connected to the quality of your sleep or changes in diet or exercise?

Exercise / Movement: Are you incorporating movement into your daily routines, even for 15 or 20 minutes at a time?

Time in Nature: Do you spend time in nature, even a 5-10 minute “pause” break during the day? Breathing some fresh air and looking up at the sky is not only a “refresh” but puts you in touch with the world/universe beyond you. It can help to change your frame of reference for what is happening in your life at that moment.

Sleep: What is the quality of your sleep? Do you practice “sleep hygiene” by disengaging from electronic devices at least 30 minutes before trying to sleep? Do you avoid having electronic devices next to your head/face when sleeping? Have you tried nourishing remedies such as lavender, other essential oils, or chamomile tea?

Family/Friends/Social Support
– Are you in regular contact with family, friends and/or social support who nourish you and celebrate your essence?

Power of the Mind – Do you engage in expanding your perspectives by reading new things and/or signing up for courses, webinars, or podcasts to introduce you to new learning? Is continuous learning a priority for you, to be exposed to new ideas?

Energy System – Do you take time to ground, clear and nourish your energy system? Do you pay attention to your internal and external energy environments?  Are you aware when things feel energetically off, perhaps after being in a crowded space or a very public building like an airport or train or bus terminal. There are ways to clear the space around you (smudging, essential oil and flower essence and other plant sprays.) There are also ways to clear and nurture your internal energy, even if you are not a trained Reiki or another type of energy healer. Simply holding your hand over your heart and/or stomach and or head while focusing on your breath and saying a prayer/mantra or comforting words to yourself can help to support and nourish your energy system.

Bottom Line: Keeping a Daily “Self-Care” Journal (or another name you prefer) can help guide you to what may need a little more attention. Its not a “blame game.” It’s a new way of looking at your own unique mind/body/spirit/energy system and loving yourself enough to ask:  “How can I nurture myself in new ways, practicing “Pristine Self Care?” TM

Sandy RobertsonSandy Robertson, RN, MSN, PH-CNS, is a Board Certified Holistic Nurse (HN-BC), Certified Medical Intuitive (CMIP), and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP) who weaves the traditional art and science of medicine with mind-body-spirit-energetic approaches to well-being. For the past 25 years she has been a highly sought healing guide in private practice and a notable corporate healthcare systems leader/educator in the forefront of integrative, complementary and holistic approaches to health and wellness. Why Am I Eating This? Is this the Nourishment I Need, the 2nd edition of her book, empowers readers to change their relationship with food, and eating, for good.







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