Slower is Faster
by Ann Albers and The Angels – Phoenix, AZ

In this time upon your earth when it seems that so much is moving quickly, consider that perhaps, in many cases, slower is faster. When you take a breath and slow your thoughts, you can think more clearly. When you slow down and move deliberately, you avoid injury and act with precision.

When you perform your tasks slowly and deliberately, you are fully present enough to accomplish them correctly the first time. When you eat more slowly, chewing your food, you give your body the time it needs to digest properly and tell you when it is full. When you talk more slowly, you are present to your own words and communicate more effectively.

Of course, there are many times to move quickly upon your earth, and there is certainly nothing wrong with this, but the point of slowing down is to help train yourselves to become more fully present in the moment. You are more likely to be in the here and now at a slower pace rather than rushing to some finish line.

In the here and now, you have access to your guidance, your inner knowing, the signals from your body, and your own intuitive senses that came with it. In your present moment, you will notice the envelope you must mail before leaving the house. You will see the concern in someone’s eyes that you might have missed had you been rushing through the interaction. In your present moment, dear ones, you are open to the signals being sent, both from within and without. In your present moment, you are in a state of graceful flow.

You can be in the present and flow quickly. However, for most of you, slowing yourself down is the best way to practice Presence. In Presence, you will automatically accomplish all you need faster, more efficiently, and, best of all with more joy!

In the present, you can feel the Presence of love.

In the present, you can feel your own heart and what it loves.

In the present, you will notice the countless tiny pleasures available here and now.

In the present, you will feel us and sense us more clearly.

Dear ones, if you can move quickly and maintain your focus in the present moment rather than rushing to get something done, that is fantastic! You are in a beautiful state of flow. However, if you find your mind spinning and focus on the end of your task (or beyond) rather than what you are doing here and now, breathe. Slow down. Look around. Be here and now. What are you doing now? Back to the moment.

Slowing yourself down until you can genuinely remain with your own heart, your own mind, your own words, and your own actions in the moment is indeed the fastest way to accomplish all you must and the quickest way to allow the universe to guide you to what you want as well. Slower is often faster.

Ann Albers is a popular author, spiritual instructor, angel communicator, and modern mystic. She has spoken at conferences among the world’s foremost spiritual authors, been featured on international radio shows, and, for the past two decades, has assisted thousands in tuning into their intuition, manifesting their dreams, and learning to love themselves the way the heavens do. Her free weekly “Messages from Ann & the Angels” reach an international audience with inspiration and tips to help you stay tuned in and turned on! Learn about her newsletter, books, CDs, and more at





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