The Key to Abundant Living
by Owen K Waters – Texas

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Along with the widespread growth in free enterprise in the latter half of the twentieth century, came the dawning realization that the primary key to abundance is to think first of what you can give to, rather than what you can get from, your work activity.

People who have now adapted to the consciousness of the New Reality understand that abundance is a flow brought about by giving as well as receiving. When you give, the universe guarantees that you will receive. If you only expect and never give, you are blocking the natural flow of energy through your life. When you give to others, they respond in kind, as does the universe.

The universe is reflective by design. The energy of every action that you take is reflected back to you in perfect balance. This means that if you are helpful to others, then you find yourself living in a helpful universe. A grasping, self-serving person, on the other hand, sees a universe filled, not with abundance, but with shortages and scarcity because nothing comes easily to them. They are blocking the flow and therefore experience constricted flow as a reaction.

Loving service to others – giving of that which you do best – is the key to abundant living through your work. Just think of the last time you had the pleasure of being served by someone who loved their work, who was a really helpful person, and who knew all the answers to your questions. Such people are the gold standard today, and they are eagerly sought after by customers everywhere. In the New Reality, these values will spread and will become the norm, not the exception.

Abundance follows the same principle in friendships and relationships. The key is to first decide to give unconditional love to others. As soon as you start to give your love and service to others, you start the flow of energy. When the flow begins, you receive love and friendship in proportion to how much you give.

In order to experience abundance in everything that makes life happy and wonderful, just remember one vital key: Flow is the way to go.

Excerpted from Owen Waters’ e-book, Freedom of the Spirit:
Four Powerful Steps to Spiritual Freedom,
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