What Are You Contributing
Channelled by Salena Migeot

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We request your assistance as you raise yourselves up. We would like you to be aware that all you do is always being broadcast throughout the universe and each thought, word, and deed contributes to your collective reality and experience.

As such, we implore you to be ever mindful of your thoughts as your thoughts truly create your reality. As you move through each day, begin to consider what the impact of your thoughts are on the whole of human experience. Are you contributing in a way that uplifts the whole or are you being burdensome to the whole of humanity? Every time you compliment another, offer assistance, lift others up in some way, you are making a positive contribution to the human condition. Joy and laughter are of a very high vibration and are powerful contributions. Having the courage to stand up for another in any way is also a powerful contribution.

When you begin keeping track of your contributions, you will easily ascertain if your overall impact is improving the human condition or not. We recommend that you think of yourselves as the one who can and does maintain a high level of morale, integrity, compassion, heartfull- ness, generosity, kindness, and any other quality you know will contribute in beneficial ways to the whole. What we are suggesting here is that you act in ways that you know are in the highest good. In terms of all the powerful qualities that you have the power to exhibit at any time, we recommend you choose those that are most uplifting to you personally. The reason is that when you are uplifted, it is much more likely that you will continue to make choices in the highest and best good. All of your choices spill over to all beings in your immediate environment and continue to ripple out to others energetically.

Not one of you is insignificant in any way. You might think a grain of sand is insignificant, yet each grain of sand contributes to the whole to form a beach. Those grains of sand that endure immense heat alchemize into glass. The tempered glass is a much different substance than sand. What are you willing to endure to contribute more beauty to the world? Do you understand that each and every way you are tempered creates greater possibility of what you can become? Sometimes glass breaks. That does not mean its usefulness is over. Far from it. Glass can be melted again and again, continually being fashioned into something beautiful. There are infinite possibilities of what you can become if you are willing to withstand some heat. If you continue to allow yourself to be tested, you will be gifted with more ways of knowing what you can withstand. The more you allow yourself to go beyond your previous limits, the more you will understand how truly limitless you are. There are no ends to what you can do, be, or become.

Have fun with testing your limits and know that if you desire to achieve something, nothing can hold you back from achieving that unless you allow it to. Imagine what your world would be like if every one of you truly believed you could achieve anything and everything you desire. Imagine how the whole would change for the better. Beloveds, that is the Age of Aquarius—each of you contributing to the whole in your own beautiful and unique ways.

This does not mean everything is easy— quite the contrary. When you all begin living more and more in your courage, in your integrity, in your joy, in your compassion for others, in your meaningful intentions to contribute to the world in positive ways, in your willingness to live on the edge of your comfort zone and thereby continually expand your area of comfort, in your joy, in your laughter, in your zest for living more powerfully, more meaningfully, more lovingly, you will be living as you were always meant to live. You were never meant to be small and stay small. Each and every one of you has a role to fulfill. If you are not currently living that role, we invite you to explore your edges and revel in the adventure.

The Collective of Guides

Salena Migeot is a Spiritual Channel who was divinely guided to move to the East End of Long Island in 2009. Seven months later she began channeling, and since 2013, channeling has been her primary work. She facilitates private phone readings for clients as well as live group channeling events. Salena is now traveling extensively to bring the Guides to more and more people. She can be reached at: 609-741-0402 or SalenaM2@msn.com.


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