A Mother’s Unfathomable Journey
by Alee Reina Hoffman – Venice Beach, CA

mom with child in country

As a society we grip to the idea that life cycles must happen in the order we want them to, that we cannot have a mother outlive their child because it means they did not get more than their mother did—what every mother wishes for their children.

And yet the reality is that women sometimes outlive their children. Both of my grandmothers and now my own mother had the experience of this with their sons. I believe that only the most special, strong, and resilient of women are up for the task. To hold, witness and love a child through their entire life cycle on Earth-and survive it, takes a grace beyond words. If you are a mother chosen for this unfathomable journey, you must have the ability to not waste any time.

My mother had that incredible ability with Gabe.

Mom knew who my brother was the instant he was placed in her arms. In that moment she changed his name from the original choice to Gabriel, because she knew right then an angel had been born. She says she knew her purpose the moment she saw his face—she was here to be a mother above all things.

And my mom had the immense courage and strength to love, handle and celebrate my brother’s journey in every step and in every form. She has held both the mother and father roles on the earthly realm when it was needed. I can attest to the fact that both my mother’s kids gave her a run for her money and continue to move her out of every comfort zone. My mother and Gabe had a true friendship in addition to a parental relationship that was just amazing to witness.

Although he did not get more time on Earth than our mother or even our father, Gabe still got “more” than those who came before him, just as it should be. More liberation and resolution. The freedom to live his true purpose with joy, prosperity and fun.

His mother’s work was done, and it was done beautifully. It’s not easy to be the mom of a bodhisattva. Now my mother heals from the absolute hardest part of that experience.

Today please join me in surrounding Gina Hoffman in love and gratitude for the incredible mothering she’s done and will continue to do. We love you Mom.

Alee Reina Hoffman Alee Reina Hoffman is a Soul Channel and Akashic Records Teacher who has spent the last twelve years professionally supporting clients world-wide to reclaim the story of their life and call in the freedom that is their birthright. Using her channeling abilities, intuitive coaching and the Akashic Records, Alee is known for her transformative and electrifying Soul Board Meetings. Alee is also the founder of the Soul Innovator movement—a body of teachings and energetic activations to support those who are here to set a new tone on this planet to rise up to their destined positions of conscious leadership, and authentic prosperity.

She is currently based in Venice Beach, CA but was born and raised in Huntington, NY


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