If You Live Truly, You Will See Truly
by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

So many of us are searching for truth, the best way to live life. Naturally, there are endless pathways, lectures, discussions and directions available. Some go from one path to the next, seeing which one might fit them the best.

It’s common to spend a great deal of time, in some cases a whole life, studying texts, absorbing wisdom, discussing truth with friends for hours at a time. Nothing wrong with that. The study and discussion can become comforting and fulfilling in its own right. But it can also become a buffer from and substitute for life itself.

Words on the page are only words on the page until we bring them alive.

However, there is one sure way open to everyone. This way cannot fail. It does not require that you be well versed in one thing or another. You do not have to be smarter, stronger or superior to anyone at all. As the teaching above tells us, “If you live truly, you will see truly.” Just be true.

Be true to yourself and each another. Don’t get snared in lies, games, power plays and manipulations of all kinds. Give up maneuvering anyone, including yourself. Use your words carefully, to speak what is so. Live truly.

It is so deeply important to live truly, because ultimately all we see in the world outside is who we are. If you want to see truth, be truth. You cannot see something different from what you carry within. What you give, you also receive.

This is a fundamental fact that applies to those of all faces, religions and practices. When one person of truth meets another, their hearts open and they begin to sing.


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