The 3 Biggest Dangers Caused By Pet Food
by Dr. R. Geoffrey Broderick – Huntington, NY

Why are pets living 1/3 of the lifespan they used to have decades ago? The answer to this question is simple: The pet food industry as a whole uses some of the worst ingredients possible that should never be consumed by any living being.

Why? Because it’s cheap. They work extremely hard to keep you, the pet parent, in the dark about the crooked reality of their so-called “food.” Just to make a quick buck. Why do you think “water” is almost always listed as the first ingredient with these brands? Your pet already gets enough from their water bowl. But, water is a free ingredient and cuts down on manufacturing costs. Their focus is always profits over pets.

After taking only 2 minutes to read the info below, you’ll quickly realize how easy it is to give your pet the lifespan it truly deserves. Yes, I’m talking about doubling and even tripling the expected lifespan of your pet, returning their quality of life back to its original, healthy state they experienced 75 years ago.

#1 Cancer:

The leading causes of cancer in pets come from various carcinogens in pet foods. Nitrates are used to preserve the color of food to keep it looking fresh. Ethoxyquin, a pesticide no longer allowed in human food, is still commonly used in pet food to kill bug eggs. MSG is in almost every food that contains gravy (Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein). Added sugar, an anti-nutrient that stops white blood cells from functioning, works to destroy your pet’s first line of defense and is found abundantly in most pet food brands. Natural flavoring includes sugars, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and aspartame, which is an even more harmful substitute of common sugar that destroys your pet’s immune system and creates opportunities for cancerous cells to thrive. Any time I’ve seen a case of cancer in a pet, my first question is always: “What are you feeding them?”

#2 Kidney Disease:

Ordinary pet foods contain many low-grade by-products. These non-usable proteins are digested, broken down in the liver, and accumulated in the kidneys leading to kidney disease. The kidneys work extremely hard in “overtime mode” to eliminate these “poisons.” This forces your pet to over-drink in an attempt to compensate for increasingly dysfunctional kidneys, leading to a laundry list of health problems like depression, loss of appetite, constant vomiting, weight loss, blood in urine, ulcers, stumbling, and more. To eliminate the chances of your pet experiencing this horrible quality of life, make an effort to feed them food that’s organic that is NOT made with by-products, GMOs, antibiotics, sugars, preservatives, gluten, hormones, natural flavors, rendered meats, carrageenans, etc. This food is Organic Cornucopia Real Food for Pets.

#3 Heart Disease:

This is a common result of the over-abuse of salt in pet foods. That’s why heart disease in pets is over 90% acquired and NOT congenital. Heart disease can look like a dry cough that follows physical activity (or at night), shortness of breath, restlessness when sleeping, rapid weight loss, fainting, seizures, potbelly, and rapid fatigue just to name a few symptoms, which ultimately lead to a shorter lifespan. However, I use Himalayan Mountain Crystal Salt, which contains every mineral within the Earth and has been preserved and protected from any kind of environmental pollutant for over 250 million years. We even prescribe this salt to pets that have a heart condition or who want to prevent heart disease. Why is it not in any other pet food brands? Because their low-grade Morton salt is much more “profitable”. The essential disease-preventing ingredients are our main concern.

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