The Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Practice Can Transform Your Life
by Eileen Silverberg – Florida

It is not easy to let go of people or situations that have hurt us. Resentment is like holding hot charcoal in our hands, it only burns who is holding it. When we have been wronged, forgiveness is the prescription to relieve the pain. However, making the conscious decision to forgive others and forgive ourselves requires work. The process of forgiveness takes time, but releasing the heavy burden of resentment is worth it.

Ho’oponopono is an ancestral forgiveness practice originated from Hawaii. The word “pono” is key. In ancient Hawaiian customs, when we are “pono,” then, we are right with ourselves, giving us an unshakable coherence of who we are. “Ho” means to do and “pono” means to correct. In Hawaiian, a repeated word is intended to be emphasized.

The Secret Teachings of Forgiveness

When we are “pono” or “right with ourselves,” we are working to be coherent with who we are and say to be. Becoming “pono” is essential to start a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and forgiveness. When we skip this process, it is like carrying heavy baggage, pain, and resentment, thus, forcing us to repeat the same painful mistakes. Living to correct ourselves is an arduous job, but a rewarding one. When we can understand why our reality is the way it is, we will discover the purpose and can start forgiving others and ourselves of external and internal conflicts.

For Hawaiians, the concept of forgiveness is different from what we have learned. In the Hawaiian tradition, forgiveness is not complete until the issue is completely released. This is a great tradition and example to follow because it teaches one to remember only the significance of the lesson learned, instead of the hardship. Therefore, if we do not forget, we can not consider ourselves “pono” or correct. It is not until we reach that place of being “pono” with ourselves that we can decide about how to relate to the person or circumstance going forward.

Ho’oponopono is a simple, subtle, yet powerful and profound forgiveness process. This beautiful Hawaiian technique is a process to free ourselves from subconscious blockages that tend to condition different aspects of our lives. These aspects can be our health, love, family, money, work, etc. Through this process, we cut the negative connection that does not allow us to move forward in coherence with the part of us that is Divine. The process of Ho’oponopono is done and therefore, taught slightly differently from one island to another. Although the Ho’oponopono technique may be somewhat different, considering the location you are in, the underlying message is still the same. What the Hawaiian culture values the most is the feeling of being balanced by not carrying an emotional charge. Consequently, we learn how to make the right decisions for ourselves and our future relationships. It was not until 1976, when Morrnah Simeona, a kahuna healer, adapted Ho’oponopono to our modern times. She taught an updated version of Ho’oponopono and started spreading the practice around the world.

Ho’oponopono is an internal workforce at a subconscious level. The four key hallmarks of living a Ho’oponopono lifestyle are Repentance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Love. Accepting, moving forward, and taking ownership of our life is the Ho’oponopono lifestyle. When we change internally, our reality changes and this gives us a brighter outlook of life. One of the biggest keys that Ho’oponopono offers us is to accept what life gives us openly. As a collective belief, we have learned to hustle. When we practice Ho’oponopono we learn to let go. Our mind stops, then we accept, then the constant negative talk ceases and our real divine essence emerges. And the soul then takes us to the right course. This lifestyle allows us to draw our destiny and teaches us to give all of our experiences positive meaning through different perspectives.

Things Change Through Love

When we learn to flow and release, we empower our lives with correct action for a transformative experience. With this objective, we clean and transmute the mind and emotional patterns that create our suffering. As mentioned before, Repentance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Love are the four key hallmarks that empower us to live a Ho’oponopono lifestyle. When we recite the words that accompany these key hallmarks we create a powerful energy exchange.

Here are the four key hallmarks for a living a Ho’oponopono life:

  • I am sorry – We take 100% responsibility for our reality. This can also be understood as “ I realize that I am responsible for the “matter” and I feel remorse that something in my consciousness could have caused this.”
  • Please forgive me – Yes, we speak to the Divine, for not coming from the correct place. Not with guilt, but from a place where our Higher Self is not expressed, lacking awareness of our purpose.
  • Thank you – Thanking God, the Universe, the Divine Creator for helping us see our desire to be “Pono.”
  • I love you – There is nothing more powerful, healing, and nurturing than love. Say it, mean it, and live it.

Through this powerful and loving process, we are capable of discovering freedom. To feel “pono” or correct, we need to feel free from FEAR. Fear is the baggage, the coal, the resentment, the blame, the negativity, the doubt. Fear is the opposite of love. If we are not in an energy of love, we are not corrected with the Divine and the Divine essence within us. The secret to Ho’oponopono is in forgiveness, in becoming centered, balanced, and being able to move forward with life in a peaceful way.

Eileen SilverbergEileen Silverberg is a Life Coach in Emotional Management, and the author of the new book, A Warrior Of Light: A Guide Of Inner Wisdom For Challenging Times. For more information visit or connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.



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