Patience, Patience, Patience
by Ann Albers and the Angels

My dear friends,

You have a saying on earth that “Patience is a virtue.” You understand intuitively that no matter how difficult life might be, you will weather it more easily with a bit of patience, for patience is a willingness to surrender yourself into the moment, to embrace the gifts and opportunities therein, and to find the love right where you are, in the here and now.

We absolutely understand that many of you want much more and much better than the present moment seems to offer, and we are not asking you to stay stuck in it. If you are cold, you want warmth. If you are broke, you want abundance. If you are lonely you want companionship.

It is normal, natural, and the nature of life itself to expand. It is your desire for more that causes that very expansion. However, herein lies one of the most subtle and yet powerful truths you can embrace as you create more. You’ve heard it. We’ve said it, and yet so few manage to fully hardness the power of this truth:

  • Your only power for change lies in the present moment.
  • Your ability to harness this power begins with your acceptance of the present moment.
  • As you stop resisting what “is” in front of you here and now, you open to grace, goodness, and guidance towards the better or more expanded future you desire.

Take a breath. Think of something you do not have now, and yet something you deeply desire. It might be health, a relationship, more money, or any number of things or situations in your life. Just pick one thing for now, although we know you have thousands if not millions of changes great and small that you desire. For now, for the sake of this exercise, pick just one.

At the moment you know you don’t have this desire fulfilled. In this moment you are living without it. As you focus on the lack of this desired thing in the present moment, ask yourself, “How do I feel when I focus on the lack?” Do you feel empowered or disempowered? Hopeful, or discouraged? What feelings is your inner “tuner” tuned into? Stop. Breathe. Look around you. Did you even notice your surroundings while doing this part of the exercise?

Now shift your energy. Become present by choosing to look at the things around you. For just a moment, play with us and ask yourself, “What can I appreciate about this moment? What or who can I be thankful for right now?” Focus on the 80% that is good in your life at the moment instead of the 20% that isn’t… or the 95%… Challenge yourself to think of any and every good person and good thing about your life right here, right now. Challenge yourself to find the blessings in the present moment. Really take time to focus on and bask in all that is good. Now ask yourself, “How do I feel?” Do I feel empowered or disempowered? Hopeful or discouraged? What feelings is your inner “tuner” tuned into after this sort of focus?

You are learning that as you tune yourself into the good feelings in the present you elevate your vibration. If we borrowed terms from your wireless technology, as you shift your focus from what you do not have, to focus instead on things to appreciate in the present, you go from “one bar” to “five bars.” Your “reception” that enables you to hear your guidance is clearer. You can “download” ideas from the heavens. You can “upload” your requests more easily. Of course these are merely metaphors but they make the point – when you are patient, surrendered, and accept the present moment without resistance, you become receptive to help. You allow in the love that wants to flow into your life into your mind, body, and spirit.

There are people, dear ones, living in the freezing cold with warm hearts, who feel the embrace of spirit encouraging them and guiding them to navigate the hardship in the best way possible. There are people in war-torn countries who have surrendered to the moment, and live it more fully than many living in a stressed-out, so-called peace. A great many of your grocery store, front line, and service workers have largely surrendered to the moment and because they live in this present-based, fearless way, they maintain their health as much as if not better than others living in comfort, isolation, and fear.

We would never ask you to stay stuck in a moment you don’t enjoy. We simply encourage you to embrace the moment, look for the good within it, and by so doing, open yourself to the love of the heavens that is always waiting to get your attention and guide you to a better, kinder, happier, more expanded future. Now is the time to live, love, and receive. And then… now again!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.


Reprinted with permission from Ann Albers –



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