Greatness Is Always Just a Decision Away
by Donna Martini – Oyster Bay, NY

We have the right to be happy or to be miserable; to decide that our life is amazing or that it “sucks.” We can nourish our body by taking in healthy food, clean water, and deep breaths, or we can eat crap, dehydrate, and shallow breathe till we crash on our couch.

We can look in our mirror and see greatness, or we can see great deficiencies. We can remind ourselves of earned talents and inherent gifts or continually harp on past faults and failures.

It has always been our prerogative to try our best or to use our job, bank account, perceived or real handicap, illness, IQ, relationship, upbringing, and / or societal perception as an excuse to not be who we were created to be, need to be, or want to be.

Among so many of the human rights we have been granted, we are also allowed to accept or rebut our innate knowingness and power—the superhuman, spiritual ability we all possess to form matter, create our reality, and establish the next moments of our today and tomorrows.

And we are allowed to claim ignorance of this power and potential as well, but science has already proven it. The truth is our minds, hearts, and bodies are manipulating and then radiating the energy of our choosing. So, be in misery and project more misery or be in glory and project more glory!

This is a system of reciprocity; meaning, the mental and emotional energy we sit in and project out will be what we get back. We can walk into our next disaster or produce our next miracle…it is always up to us.

They are our minds and hearts, after all, so it is our decision how we think, feel, and project. This truth always existed and always will exist no matter how much we choose to renounce it. So, if we want to remain in victim-hood, it is because we are unwilling to learn more about ourselves and our spiritual gifts.

And that is okay; being human gives us a good reason for our need to stay in blame, denial, and fear. But realistically, it doesn’t give us a good excuse. Opting out of the truth doesn’t relieve us of our responsibility to ourselves in this lifetime or to those we affect now and in future generations.

Opting out of the truth just allows us to continually show everyone just how simply human we are choosing to be. And considering our connectedness to one another (something else science and almost every religion has always claimed), the current state of our being–whether productive and enlivening or critical and deflating—will affect the entire world.

Again, that is okay! We are allowed to stay simply human. We don’t have to soulfully rise now or ever. But perhaps at some point, we can ask ourselves, “What would this day be like if I take responsibility for the energy I sit in and project…?” And what would my life be like if I just decided, right now, to be the best I can possibly be?”

Donna MartiniDonna Martini, a long-time student of energy manipulation and quantum science, has been a wellness activist, coach, and speaker for over 30 years. She is the author of several books, including The Ten Commandments of Divorce, and her latest, My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras, which features MantraMouse, a cartoon character who promotes love and unity. She works daily to help businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, families, and individuals learn how to overcome human frailties by tapping into their full spiritual potential through an energy technique she calls, Positive Manipulation®. Donna can be reached at donna@donnamartini. com Follow her on https://www.facebook. com/donna.martini.7. Learn more at




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