How People Can Overcome Trauma and Live a Life Of Clarity
by Colleen Gallagher – Los Angeles, CA

An Uncompromised Life

Trauma is becoming a mainstream topic as we are beginning to understand how our past still creates our present and future reality. Think about events that have occurred within your past, from how you were raised, what school teachers  told you, what bosses or managers told you, being cut from the sports team, a family member passing at an early age, etc. These events from your past formed some type of memory within your life, guiding you to automatically respond to events in your present-day life without you ever questioning if you’re living your life from a place of clarity or habit. Your past traumas impact and influence your everyday life. The first step in allowing yourself to overcome trauma and live a life of clarity is to create daily habits consciously. An example is allowing yourself to ask the question, “Does what I’m doing actually align with what I desire to be doing with my life?”

I’ve created twelve principles to overcome trauma. One of them is that you must start to create your life instead of just doing your life. How often do you make your bed, volunteer to do jobs you don’t want to do, mindlessly do chores, dinner with friends you don’t enjoy or continue in relationships that make you unhappy? You do all these “things” you think you have to do to have a life, but these things leave you dissatisfied, drained and unfulfilled. People live their whole life like this because as a child, their parents taught them to act like this and that you have to do these things to get where you want in life. Instead, you should be expressing, sharing and creating your life from a place of who you are and what you desire to experience.

Reflect for a moment and ask yourself, “How different would my life be if I committed myself never to do anything I didn’t want to do again?” First, you’d come up with resistance and excuses like “I must do this,” or “I couldn’t possibly do this,” or “all of these people around me would be lost without me.” However, this is a deep core wound of codependency, which is a trauma-based reaction or habit where you do things for others because you think they depend on you. At the same time, you rely on the short-term dopamine chemical reaction your body gives you that makes you feel good for being there for others. However, you are drained and left with no time to consciously receive clarity on what you want out of life in the long term. The majority of people live their life this way.

How do you get into a state of creating your life to receive clarity on what you want?

  1. You must consciously create space for stillness or “you” time. Otherwise, you will constantly be doing life without ever deciding if what you’re doing is what you want to be doing.
  2. Once you create the space for “you” time, begin to calm your mind through meditation. I have several guided meditations on my podcast (Episodes 24 and 55), and you can also begin to ask yourself questions like:
    • If I could create any lifestyle I wanted, what would it look like?
    • Who would I desire to spend time with? – Lookup people you admire on social media for inspiration.
    • If I could create happiness, joy, and fulfillment as my baseline feeling in life, what would my days be filled with?
    • If I followed through on committing myself to no longer doing what I do not want to do, what would I stop doing?
    • If I committed myself to create my life consciously, so I live with happiness, what would I start creating in my life?

Another principle to help overcome trauma is learning how to become a heart-centered business leader. I believe that our deepest traumas offer us clarity on how to create our most magnificent lives where we can create a fantastic heart-centered lifestyle business through products, services and experiences. Our trauma births the clarity of how we’re meant to contribute to this world in a way that feels good and empowers us to offer solutions through painful problems. When we see that someone has a similar hardship as us, and we witness them out in the world living an incredible life, we see it as an opportunity to follow their example by copying their roadmap to create a life filled with love, clarity and purpose. However, you must raise your hand to begin creating instead of doing your life, and the universe will answer, empowering you to create an unexplainable life.

There are eight steps to receive the clarity from overcoming your trauma:

  1. Follow Your Intuition
  2. Transition from “My Career” to Growth of Others
  3. Change Your Language to Change the World
  4. The Power of Choice
  5. Fall in Love with No
  6. Alignment Trumps Everything
  7. Replace Distraction with Vision
  8. Become the Identity of the Future you, Now

I’m confident that if you follow these eight steps that you will begin to sustainably overcome your trauma and live a life of clarity filled with magic and miracles beyond your wildest dreams.

Colleen Gallagher is an intuitive business and personal development consultant. She has survived childhood cancer, is a global citizen, an advocate for everyone to have an opportunity to live their dreams and an academic who is currently pursuing her Ph.D is Psychology with a focus on Global Leadership and Change. She is an author of multiple books, including her latest release An Uncompromised Life, and the host of The Colleen Gallagher podcast. Her greatest success is seeing her clients fall in love with life by overcoming trauma and life challenges and create a lifestyle career that impacts the world. Colleen empowers leaders and businesses to come to a newfound clarity of their mission, so that they can better understand their gifts while taking calculated action to grow their businesses. Colleen offers these experiences through online courses, in-person retreats, her podcast, books and products.




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