Transitioning and Honoring the Loss of a Pet
by Cheryl Lazarus

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At age 16, my cat Magic was ready to go. After a stage IV kidney diagnosis, I had kept him stable and thriving for a year and a half with energy clearings and realignments, prayers, and the probiotic adzoyl.

Our bond was strong; he was a soul mate and a healer. Magic had “allowed” me to adopt a kitten so I would not be alone when he passed. He couldn’t interact with the kitten as it had health issues and needed to be kept apart.

My split attention was difficult for Magic, his body finally became a burden, and a challenging visit to the vet was his decision point.

Magic stopped eating, communicated that he loved me and wanted to go at home with me nearby. As I had helped his brother Angel to pass, I knew how to support Magic.

I placed yoga mats in the living room, layered comforters and two rose quartz crystals on top, and put his litter box in the corner.  When he refused food for two days, I realized his organs were shutting down. He drank water, slept next to me, and moved when he needed space.

It was a sacred time. Paw in hand, we lay next to each other as I gave him full attention. I shared that I loved him, appreciated our lifetime(s) together, and thanked him for being with me for so long.

We poured love from our hearts into each other’s hearts; filling ourselves up so I could feel him here and he could feel me from the Spirit world.

When the time came, I knew it. I followed when he became agitated, restless, and walked throughout the apartment saying goodbye to his favorite places.

Then Magic lay near the fireplace. As I sobbed nearby, I felt my mother’s Spirit arms around me, wrapping me in her love as she gave me courage.

I placed my arms around Magic and held him gently to my heart. He nuzzled me and I kissed his head. “It’s okay to go, Magic. We can communicate from the ‘Other Side’. I’ll know when you are here.”

His breath became labored. As I held him, a portal opened, a tunnel of light, two Cat Sentinels standing guard. My mother “swooshed” us through and we soared: over mountains, through clouds and into the starry night. We “landed” in a field of flowers where kittens played with butterflies; a magical, happy place!

Suddenly, I heard a loud last breath. It jolted me back into my living room while Magic stayed in “Kitty-land” beyond.

Losing a pet is difficult and painful.  In our grief, it may be difficult to decide when and how. When I help clients with these decisions we discuss all options.

  1. Time to let go?

Sometimes you “know.” If not, then consider your pet’s quality of life and prognosis. Are they burdened or happy even if experiencing health issues?  Are you holding on and afraid of being lonely or are you thinking of their needs?

  1. Which way is best?

You may “sense” what your pet prefers. If you’re comfortable with death, you can handle being with them as they weaken or want to be left alone—then home transitioning can be sacred for both of you.

If you pet is in pain, is compromised, or you’re not comfortable with them transitioning at home, euthanasia is best. Decide when, where, are how before the time comes.

  1. Preparation

The flower essence Rescue Remedy that is for anxiety and emergencies can be taken for days or weeks beforehand. Sleeping with a rose quartz and receiving energy healing can help you and your pet.

Take time to be fully present with your beloved baby. Play, comfort, and talk with them appreciating what you share together. Feeling sad, confused, fearful, guilty or regretful is natural. Allowing these feelings releases stress and you become more present. I processed my emotions when away from my cats so that when I was with them, I felt calmer.

  1. During the transition

If they are dying naturally, then review what I shared about Magic.

If euthanizing, share how you love and will miss them and yet it’s time for them to go; they no longer need to stay for you. Explain they will have help leaving their body; feeling free and unburdened afterwards. Hold your pet, if possible. Or imagine them surrounded by light and love.

Healing and Honoring

I tell clients that there is no timetable for grief. Joining a pet loss group or working with a person experienced in pet loss can be helpful. A ceremony can ease your pain. Light a candle, play healing music, and have your pet’s photo nearby. When our cat Shadow died, I read from The Prophet and then we each said our own goodbyes.

Your beloved pet will live in your heart and beyond. When you are very still, you may feel their presence, see them in a dream, or “know” they’re communicating from the “Other Side.”


women holding catCheryl Lazarus is an Animal Intuitive and Certified Energy Healer for people and pets. She helps pets to heal or to transition. As a Certified Life Coach trained in Gestalt Therapy, Cheryl guides people through challenging times. She has spoken at the Untied Nations. Cheryl’s sessions are in person or on the phone.



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