Bend, But Don’t Break
by Donna Martini, Oyster Bay, NY

Have you ever looked at a wintery landscape and wondered why the trees are bending but not breaking from the weight of ice and snow? Healthy branches don’t break. They are malleable because, like us, they contain water. And because cold, icy water expands instead of contracts, trees survive the storms. They persevere during the hardships they endure.

Today, let’s remember the storms we have lived through. We can imagine ourselves as a tree, bending instead of breaking; more malleable, tolerant, and loving because of what we have endured. We can conceive meaningful gain from betrayal and pain, and, instead of mentally and emotionally contracting into our past, let’s intend for a new season of expansion and growth.

If we are experiencing some spiritual dormancy, let’s will ourselves out! Let’s expect today to be better than all our yesterdays and even better tomorrow.


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