More Poison in Your Pet Food: Carrageenan
by Dr. R. Geoffrey Broderick

Carrageenan has been used in traditional food preparation for hundreds of years. It’s an ingredient in many organic and vegan foods. Extracted from red seaweed it’s commonly known as, “Irish Moss”.

It can be found in ice-cream, cottage cheese, non-dairy milk, jelly, pudding, and infant formula.

It’s commonly used as a food thickener or stabilizer to absorb free water.

However, scientists have presented evidence that carrageenan is highly inflammatory and toxic to the digestive tract, and claim it may be responsible for colitis, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), rheumatoid arthritis and even colon cancer.

Animal studies implicate carrageenan in the formation of ulcerous and cancerous lesions in the colon. Many people have reported bloating and IBS (manifesting as diarrhea, bloating, belly pain or cramps) when consuming products containing carrageenan.

Because carrageenan has no nutritional value, there is no nutritional loss in eliminating it from your diet.

China is a major supplier of Carrageenan. It’s banned from human consumption in Europe!

After eight years of’s research, advocacy, and petitioning, the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) voted in November 2016 to remove carrageenan, a potent inflammatory agent and possible carcinogen from the National List for use in organic food. Over 3,000 people submitted written comments describing personal negative health effects from consuming the additive. Due to the powerful $250 million industry lobbyists, it still remains legal for organic food companies to use carrageenan in the U.S.

Carrageenan has been known to irritate the digestive systems in dogs, as well humans.

It is difficult to find canned / moist pet foods that do not contain carrageenan. It’s unconscionable why so many pet food manufacturers continue to ignore the science linking serious illness to this ingredient. Far too many pet food companies use carrageenan — with the claim that it is safe — but science and medical experience proves just the opposite.

Carrageenan comes with health risks for the pets consuming this ingredient with each meal.

The real reason the pet-food industry loves to use this ingredient is because it ties up free water. This is in almost every pet-food. Water is free! The more water that’s in pet-food, the less the cost of making it. A can of pet-food contains as much as 85-90% water content. This results in astronomical profits. When your pet gets a can of water, the nutritional value is severely decreased. You paid handsomely for water! It looks like soup – because it really is soup. The pet food industry knows you’re not going to be happy paying for soup, so they add carrageenan which binds up free water and makes the can look like a beautiful perfect pate’ – while potentially poisoning your precious pet!

You’ve got it! Follow the money!

Carrageenan is also commonly used in dry dog food as well as snacks to make a thick and “chewy” nugget.

Cornucopia Pet Foods does not add carrageenan to any of its products.
We are committed to using only the highest quality “human-grade” Certified Organic ingredients in our products.

We created Cornucopia to enable you to fulfill your responsibility of insuring the health and longevity of “All God’s children” – as spoken to Dr. Broderick by Mother Teresa.






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