Subtle Energy Techniques for a Radiant New You this New Year
by Cyndi Dale

No matter your biological age, energy medicine offers great anti-aging benefits. From the get-go, I must admit that I have my own secret ingredient. I have spent almost two decades following my youngest son’s baseball career, with most of the games occurring between February and June in the upper Midwest. Guess what that means?

Yup. I am typically sitting on the bleachers in glacial weather. The downside is that I am usually miserable. The upside? My wrinkles freeze in place. Short of recommending my own unique practice, there are numerous activities that promote longevity, good health, and a youthful appearance. The ones I share herein are backed by science but subsidized with a subtle energy spin.

Bless Your Water. Health advisors agree. Good health depends on downing at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. In fact, when we are young, our body is comprised of as much as 78 percent water. By retirement age? Our water content might be reduced to only 50 percent. The primary constituency of cells, water keeps your organs running, weight steady, and skin plump. In other words, water slows down aging.

Want even more gains? Bless your water energetically.

Studies by researchers including the late Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto show that loving intentions, words, thoughts, and sounds result in aesthetically pleasing molecular structures in the water. The inference is that if you send loving thoughts into your water before drinking, you stimulate positive benefits in your body.

Skeptics have tried to debunk Emoto’s work because his research is hard to duplicate. However, other researchers are offering quantum explanations for Emoto’s photographed outcomes, to include M. Pitkanen. Oversimplistically, Pitkanen explains that dark matter, a strange substance that makes up about 80 percent of the energy in the universe, can cause a person’s intense emotions to imprint in water—if they believe in the process.

In other words, if you fully desire that water keeps you youthful, it will. Try using statements like, “I am vivacious and youthful”, or “My DNA is keeping me young and vibrant”.

Drink Water—Then Get into the Sun. New research by Dr. Gerald Pollack from the University of Washington is suggesting that light and water not only mix extremely well, but the combination keeps you well.

When water is exposed to light it becomes semi-crystalline, turning into a “fourth phase of water”, the other three phases being liquid, gas, and ice. In this form, Pollack labels it “exclusion zone water” or EZ. EZ water carries negative charges, and those charges make your cells work properly.

Want to drink from the fountain of youth? Pollack recommends getting out in the sun, drinking green smoothies, and earthing, or walking on the ground with bare feet. How about blessing your water and setting it into the sun before drinking it?

Program Your Phonons. Phonons are quantum waves produced from vibration that are the smallest units of sound. They are made every time your heart beats, after which they scatter, carrying data with them.

Hundreds of studies conducted by organizations including the HeartMath Institute have proven that holding positive emotions and spiritual beliefs in your heart enhances good health. Well, those phonons play a role, sending messages throughout the body. Consider turning your “water” affirmations into mantras, sounds, and chants and let the resulting phonons spread the cheer.

Make Scalar Waves. Scalar waves are a unique form of light that serves up miraculous effects. Research has shown that they enhance the immune and endocrine systems, destroy harmful microbes, speed up tissue regeneration, and accelerate wound healing. They also aid in detoxification and decrease inflammation. There are three types of scalar waves, and most importantly, your own body can manufacture them.

Our subtle and physical anatomies create scalar waves from Mobius loops. A Mobius loop is made of a single strip of energy formed into a figure eight. Our system manufactures these loops (and hence, scalar waves) when we are healthy or in a positive environment. Short of that, we must encourage our system to concoct them.

One method is to spin while dancing. That vortex-like movement promotes the meeting of energies that fashion Mobius loops. Walk amongst trees or enjoy running water, as these substances give off negative ions, which can do the same. Personally, I draw subtle elements into my system a few times a day to craft these life-sustaining Mobius loops.

Subtle elements are the quantum elements that construct all of reality. I work with twelve such elements, which are fire, water, air, earth, metal, stone, wood, ether, star, light, sound, and Presence. The latter is the energy of your Higher Power. To bring them into yourself, take a few deep breaths and affirm your own spiritual essence. Connect to your Higher Power and ask that it bring in all the elements needed to create good health.

These life-enhancing ideas are easy to put into place, which makes them super great New Year’s resolutions. Tired of creating a list you only check off once, if at all? Simply add a couple of the subtle energy “good vibration” protocols to your daily life, and a lot of the concerns that pop up as important once a year will drop away anyway.

Short of the subtle, there is that “baseball element.” I guarantee it will freeze your wrinkles in place.

Cyndi DaleCyndi Dale is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and energy healer. She is the author of 28 books on energy medicine, intuition, and spirituality. Her newest book is Advanced Chakra Healing: Four Pathways to Energetic Wellness and Transformation.





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