Spirituality For Busy People
by Justin S. Grant

Spirituality for Busy People by Justin S. Grant

Evolution of consciousness is the very purpose of the Universe. Beyond ordinary physical senses, human beings possess a spiritual sensibility, which can be triggered and electrified by any genuine form or expression of Divinity. Spirituality involves the conscious act of alignment with the life energy and soul light that animates dynamic form. Spiritual living is an ongoing process of self-mastery and self-realization, a progressive recognition of the life Essence. Spiritual practices connect us with Deity, the Universal, the All. Spirituality transforms darkness into beneficent light.

As human beings, we bridge the seemingly dualistic reality – visible and Invisible, formed and Formless, conventional and Eventual. It is reasonable that we focus much of our daily activity where we are currently planted – the physical, material world. Yet we must nobly balance our everyday busyness with the remembrance of the place from which we came and to which we will return – the energetic, Immaterial World. Any wholesome domain of activity is a platform for spiritual unfoldment. Cultivating soul awareness is vital in the quest for an inspired life.

For many, daily labor occurs at a place of business, yet many spiritual practices can be applied in any domain of productivity – at home, in a school, or in other organizations. Where spheres of business and spirituality have been held separate, they can be profitably synthesized; we can receive our daily bread, while simultaneously gathering our treasure in Heaven. Multi-cultural individuals can strive toward self-mastery through what may be termed “business meditation” – a mindful merger of practical and ethical energies.

When busy people are over-lighted by spiritual purpose, they naturally manifest the heroism needed to uplift our imperiled world. The purpose of this work is to shine light upon how our daily busyness can be effectively fused with our eternal livingness, to the benefit of individuals, groups to which we belong, and even to Planetary Life as a whole. Rather than merely becoming items on our to-do list, spiritual practices interwoven with our material activities can enrich and augment our entire existence.

In the material world, actions bear fruit. This is simple; physical survival is not directly related to spiritual practice. Yet we are taught in the Holy Bible that “People do not live by bread alone…” (NLT, Matthew 4:4). There is more to life than securing sustenance; spiritual bread gives rise to life more abundant. The primary reason to instill sacredness into one’s existence is that only the Divine Dimension delivers joy, peace, higher purpose, and genuine meaning. There is no substitute for priceless soul brilliance. The byproducts of spiritual connectivity are inspiration, invigoration, and innovation – surely of interest to leaders and dedicated members of dynamic organizations. Any form of consecrated activity attracts Spirit; religious devotion is but one of the modes of contact with the Higher World.

One of the most simple and universal spiritual practices is as follows: concentrate on the breath, incoming and outgoing through the nose. That is the entire technique. This may seem pointless at first, but proof will be found in the practice. We must not confuse simplicity with insufficiency!

It is commonly said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. It is less often expressed that the breath is the pathway to the soul. With this easy method we have an open gateway for spiritual connectivity. Those who experiment with this process may be surprised at how focusing, calming, and blissful breathing meditations can be. Clearly, there are no religious elements that might appear strange to anyone nearby. Eyes open, closed, or half-shut – all fine. The breath can be naturally synchronized with one’s own heartbeat.

It may also be said that symbol is the language of the soul. Visualization exercises can be layered onto basic breathing meditation. By focusing one’s inner eye on a sacred symbol, scene, or word, one deliberately encounters the plane of the soul. In time, the soul-infused human becomes a spiritually radiant server of the Planetary Plan. Possibilities are limitless!


Justin S. GrantJustin S. Grant, entrepreneur, singer, author, and speaker, is a native of Santa Barbara, California. Grant has a M.A. in Transformational Psychology (the science of the soul and mind). His best-selling book, Business & Spirituality ~ Secrets of Personal, Professional, & Planetary Evolution, offers a pragmatic path for truth seekers in the global era. An abridged version is version is available under the title of Spirituality for Busy People. For more information visit www.JustinSGrant.com




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