Activate Peace Now
by Randi Levin

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I like to be mindful when certain words and concepts make a memorable entrance into my coaching practice and into my life. That word of the moment is PEACE.

On the surface, finding peace may seem like a way to step back and pause, to not care, or to compromise. Look again. Peace is a sophisticated leadership tool that offers you the ability to stop the excuses in your life, to eliminate discord, and to disengage from negativity. Peace is the antidote to combat indecision, overwhelm, stress, and fear. When you pick peace you choose authentically from a place of personal truth. You meet relationships and events where they are rather than where they were or where you think they should be.

Peace is the ultimate acceptance. It is different for you than for me, and it may mean different things to each of us at different points in our lives. Removing emotion and negative energy and replacing it with acceptance and limited judgment keeps us in choice on welcoming peace into our lives. Please note that this does not mean that you condone or agree with everything, but rather that you are deciding to release any anger and drama you may have around what and whom you cannot control. This opens a flow of positive energy focused instead on what you can manage and lead. It is from this place of choice that you find harmony and a new sense of order.

While world accord would be fantastic to achieve, it kicks off with discovering our own individual inner peace. Inner peace enables intuition and better whole-life alignment. Inner peace is choosing happy and creating a solid habit of focusing on solutions rather than problems, on choices rather than limitations. Inner peace is a control switch that refocuses each moment in real time, with less baggage and more intention.

Peace is freedom. Freedom to be yourself. Freedom to choose. Freedom to stop comparing yourself to others. Freedom to start. Freedom to stop. Freedom to lead.

So, you may be thinking, how can I achieve it? How can I find peace? You can’t find it. You need to select it and dial it into your life. Peace is a habit you create to live a life that you love. A new year offers a great opportunity to refocus gratitude, abundance, and reflection. Reflect abundant peace.

9 Ways to Activate Peace Now

Reset boundaries that support you in finding truth and inner calm. Think of these boundaries as authoring your own personal rule book and honor them daily.

Re-center connection and alignment. Visualize the circle of a peace sign. Put yourself in the middle of that circle. What do you want most to connect with today? Visualize that the “arms” of the peace sign are your connection and relationship to those things. This will shift your mindset back to today and it will support you in refocusing and maximizing productivity, balance, and symmetry in your business and in your life.

Pick peace. Throughout the day ask yourself, “How can I find harmony in this situation or with this person?” Then recalibrate your next step.

Mind your time. Time management and energy management are entwined. Manage one and you elevate the other.

Open the door to welcome in choice. Permit more than one “right decision” to co-exist. Scarcity locks you into a power play between this OR that. Think bolder. What will this AND that allow you to do?

Tap into the whispers. Every day there are a myriad of situations that resonate with order and harmony. Seek them out. Listen in for them. Act on them. Trust your gut.

Stop overthinking. Just stop. You cannot repeat yesterday, and you are not yet in tomorrow. Make peace with today and meet yourself and everything important to you where they are at.

Plan a “self-a-bration.” Gift yourself the space and grace to calibrate and acknowledge wins focusing on a reverse bucket list of accomplishments. Think less about what you may do someday and more about what you are doing right now. There is joy in doing well and in getting one step closer to something. Celebrating what worked is validation toward what is possible. Honor your value and get real with your inner critic.

Make & believe. Create and set free. Peace comes to life when you are most curious and open to receive. Remember that you need to make space for that to happen! Edit and enable accordingly.

Randi LevinRandi Levin CPC, founder & CEO, Randi Levin Coaching – is a nationally recognized transitional life strategist, keynote, author, thought-leader, and reinvention expert. Founders, entrepreneurs, and women in transition hire Randi to support them in managing and leading change and choice, and in recalibrating and redefining legacy and success in a moment-centric, action-forward way. Randi is a relatable resource, building upon her 15+ years in corporate, her tenure as a SAHM, and her successful reinvent 8+ years ago as an entrepreneur and sought-after strategist.


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