by Andrea Garvey – South Carolina

yoga pose

As we work though our yoga practice, there are times when we feel we have reached a plateau – that place where everything seems to have leveled out and not much is happening. It may frustrate us and so we try even harder and then may become even more frustrated when we don’t see the change or advancement that we would like to see. At this point, it is good to remember that yoga is not simply a physical discipline. It is a union of body, mind and spirit. Perhaps we are at this plateau because the emotional body may need to catch up with the physical. Perhaps we have created some opening in the musculature of the body, and the body needs to be comfortable in this new place before moving on. Perhaps we got in touch with some deep-seated, unresolved anger and that anger needs to be released before we can advance. Yoga is a constant interplay between the many aspects of Self. Be patient and observe. When you ask a question and give yourself enough space, the answer will come. Just as in life, when we come to a plateau, say, in our career, it may be time to reevaluate the direction we are heading in. If we are so focused on achieving, either in our practice or in life, we may need the break to stop and take a look around. Our dreams and desires can change over time. Plateaus give us the opportunity to survey our current landscape so we can make a conscious decision as to what we want to do or where we want to go next. Plateaus are a gift.


Andrea Garvey is the co-publisher and editor of Creations Magazine.


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