Myofascial Release: The Road to Improved Performance
by Cheryl “Cheri” Christie

We are fast approaching the spring! When the sun shines, the temperatures warm, and everyone wants to get back outside and enjoy their favorite activities. But after months of being inside you may not move as well as you did last year. You may be feeling aches and pains you didn’t notice last year. Your goal is to just FEEL GOOD doing what you love! The time is now for you to improve your physical health, which will ultimately improve all aspects of your life.

Regardless of the type of activity you like, whether it is running, cycling, kayaking, or softball, you want to participate without injury. You want your muscles to be able to handle the training stresses without injuries, and you want to recover quickly from your workouts.

One thing that many athletes – elite and weekend warriors alike – don’t consider is that the limiting factor for how well they do in their sport could be what’s really going on inside their muscles.

Inflammation, traumatic damage from injury, scarring from surgical procedures and even poor posture (think sitting at your desk all day) create myofascial restrictions in the body that can produce physically debilitating and unwanted tension pressures of approximately one ton per square inch on nerve fibers.

The restrictions in our fascia can contribute to abnormal movement patterns and reduced joint mobility, as well as pain. These abnormalities do not show up on many of todays most accurate medical body scans like MRI’s.

Myofascial Release alleviates these debilitating forces on our pain-sensitive body structures such as nerves, internal organs, and muscles. As the length of tissue is restored, there is a reduction in pain and a restoration of movement. MFR also aids in healing, post workout recovery and enhanced physical performance.

We utilize the hands-on application of myofascial release. The sustained holds of 3-5 minutes utilized in MFR facilitate a stretch into the restricted connective tissues, restoring movement, reducing pain, and helping to bring the body back to a more natural alignment or posture. Several sessions may be required to achieve lasting improvements.

In a study performed at the University of Granada in Spain, scientists wanted to find out if MFR was helpful to those who did high-intensity exercise. The study included 62 healthy active individuals. Half of them received MFR, the other half a placebo therapy. They found that those who received MFR had better heart rate variability and blood pressure after high-intensity exercise than those who didn’t.

Myofascial Release is NOT a massage. It requires specialized skill and expertise to be an effective corrective treatment for patients.

Cheryl Christie, a licensed and certified physical therapist and athletic trainer, has over 25 years of expertise at properly, effectively, and most importantly, safely helping her patients in gently releasing the entire myofascial complex for lasting and comprehensive results. This authentic healing will result in the reduction or elimination of your physical pain and improvement in your physical performance.

Cheryl “Cheri” Christie and her staff at Elite Strength & Performance are committed to bringing you state of the art myofascial release therapies and physical well-being programs. The facility provides clients with a relaxing and sanitary environment. So, whether you are recovering from injury or are looking to gain an edge in your sport, MFR may be the answer you have been looking for to improve wellness and support superior physical performance. Contact Cheri at and see all the ways that MFR can help you get started!

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