One Soul at a Time
by Ann Albers and The Angels – Phoenix, AZ

While your world focuses on death, we focus on life. When your world focuses on war, we focus on peace. When one of you focuses on hatred, we focus on the love trying to sprout beneath a hardened surface. Eternally, we hold the vision of the life you want to live and the version of earth that you all, mutually, want to create – one of harmony, well-being, kindness, peace, and tolerance.

When you begin to focus as we do, as God does, on what you desire and on what you love, then your growth and expansion upon the earth will be achieved in joy. When you enjoy your life now and look forward to your wonderful future then your life will be filled with joyful anticipation and fulfilled dreams. If, however, you want something but you doubt, resist, or fear “not having” it, you block the flow of life that is attempting to assist.

Look at your world. Nearly everyone wants well-being but a large percentage of the population in the past few years has been focused on sickness. Your pandemic would have been over in months, not years, had the world focus been different. So many expect that there will be increased sickness in winter, and so it is. So many expect relief in spring and so it is.

Nonetheless, one soul at a time, the pandemic is ending – not due to a shot, or supplements, or rebellion against it, but rather due to one soul at a time deciding to focus on being well, living life as they choose, and removing their focus from fear. One soul at a time, your world is becoming a better, kinder, more tolerant, and loving place. It doesn’t make the news, but one soul at a time, your world is continuing to evolve towards better.

Dear ones, be one of those souls. Focus on life and living the best you can in each moment. Appreciate a shaft of sunlight filtering through the window and give thanks for life. Breathe in the fresh air on a walk or your back patio and give thanks for life. Drink your morning smoothie, coffee, or tea, inhale its fragrance deeply, feel the comfort of it and give thanks for life. Stretch and give thanks for your body. Look around and give thanks for your home. Appreciate the people in your life.

There will always be sickness on the earth but you can focus on well-being. There will always be those who want to control others but no one can control a free thinking soul. There will always be those who want war to feel powerful, but there will always be more who ARE powerful in their love for peace. Your world is not ending. It is birthing itself anew. With your focus on the beauty of each moment coupled with your anticipation of a more evolved world, you allow the power that creates universes to run through you and steer you towards that joyous future.

You are the ones who will end the pandemic, one soul at a time. You, dear ones, will prevent war, one peaceful heart at a time. You will create racial tolerance, one act of kindness at a time. You create harmony with the earth, one loving choice at a time. Do as you are inspired. Listen to your body, your mind, and your soul. When you feel like resting, rest and contribute to world peace. When you feel like gathering, enjoy time with family and friends and empower the vibrations of connectedness with others. When you feel like “being a hermit” sit in silence at home and empower the energy of connection with self and the Divine. Do what you love. Focus on what you love. Think thoughts of love and appreciation as often as you can. Comfort and soothe yourselves when you are in need.

One thought, one choice, one act, one soul at a time, you are filling your world and the world at large with the light and the love that creates universes. You, in your simple loving choices, are a powerful force for love. If each of you put a drop of water in a bowl with each kind or loving thought, soon you’d be watering gardens, spilling over into life-giving rivers, and melding into one vast ocean of love. This is what you are doing with your energy… one beautiful soul, one beautiful thought, one act of kindness at a time.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

Ann AlbersReprinted with permission from Ann Albers –



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