How to Break Free from Anxiety & Make a Full Covid Burnout Recovery
by Brett Cotter

Have you ever wondered why it feels like the world’s gone crazy? I invite you to step back from the chaos and see things from a different perspective.

We live on a spinning rock moving through space at 67,000mph, revolving around a ball of gas 109 times wider than Earth, in a solar system 36 billion times our planet’s size, in a Galaxy 160 million times our solar system’s size, in a universe that is 1 million times the size of our galaxy.

Even though we are exponentially infinitesimal specks of stardust in this universe, it’s our home and we do have something going for us – we are conscious.  However, this consciousness comes with a catch. For some reason we are accumulating layers of generational baggage that is now being twisted into rage by the misinformation age. Amplified by the pandemic and fear of the unknown, at times it’s hard to feel safe even in your own home.  Our bodies are exhausted from carrying all the trauma and our brains are overwhelmed from dealing with all the drama.  Our stress system is locked on a setting that’s older than dirt, flooding our cells with cortisol always afraid we’re going to get hurt.  Sometimes it feels like being caught between a rock and a hard place in a really small space.

So what can we do?  If we align with the universe we can clean up this mess.

The universe is expanding and energetically unconditional love is pure expansion.  Love will always prevail because it’s aligned with the universe. Like a moth to the flame we all want it, because innately our stardust is already one with it.  Energetically our stress is tense and locked in time. Unconditional love is timeless and helps us remember the divine.

The way I see it, kindness is the key for humanity to release the pain and be free again, and unconditional self-love is the doorway to living a kind life. Whether our tension stems from our career, culture, family, social media, the news, politics, or society, it’s time to unwind. Unlocking and releasing tension from the body automatically cleanses the mind.  Here are a few concepts and techniques that can help you live more happy and kind lives.

The first concept is Stress Awareness. I define stress as a reaction to a perception of danger, fueled by fear and perpetuated by negative thoughts. On average, we experience 52 stress reactions a day and often don’t realize it.  The most dangerous types are long-term repetitive stress that stem from our jobs, relationships, family, etc.

A great way to sidestep your stress is when you are upset listen to your thoughts like you are listening to the radio. Watch the tension build in your body like you are watching TV. Then identify with the part of yourself that is observing the reaction not the part reacting. Buddhists refer to this as Observer Consciousness. This helps you become aware when your body is stressed.

The next tip is to learn how to shutdown your stress. I recommend Stress Stopper Breathwork. Try these three steps anytime you feel tense. (1) touch the tension, (2) breathe deep & slow, and (3) once per breath silently say “I’m okay”.  Repeat these steps together until all the tension goes away.

Another technique that helps you release your anxiety is the Anxiety Freedom Technique. Whenever you feel anxious follow these steps:  (1) express everything that’s upsetting you,  (2) identify the one thing that’s most upsetting, (3) express the worst-case scenario,  (4) express your biggest fear about the worst-case scenario, and (5) embrace all the emotion using Stress Stopper Breathwork until you feel completely free.

I recommend using the Traumatic Memory Release Technique if there is a painful memory that continues coming to mind and causing pain. Follow these steps: (1) lay down, close your eyes and do Stress Stopper Breathwork for 5 minutes, (2) let the painful memory come to mind and move your hands to wherever you feel tension, continue doing the breathwork for 5 minutes, (3) see yourself in the most stressful moment of the memory and imagine yourself doing Stress Stopper Breathwork inside the memory, continue until you feel the tension release from your body,(4) embrace any residual tension and emotion using Stress Stopper Breathwork until you feel fully restored and at peace.  Processing painful memories helps you break free from overreactions. The TMR Technique helps us make peace with our past and be more authentic in the present.

One of the best ways to deal with stress is meditating every day for 15-20 minutes.  For thousands of years meditation has helped people on every continent enrich their lives with a deeper connection to source.  There is no substitute. Reaching new levels of relaxation will happen once you prioritize inner peace. If daily meditation still enriches the Dalai Lama’s life, it will sure enrich yours. Reset your daily structure to support relaxation and happiness, and you will have it.

The next time you get stressed or anxious, walk towards the feelings you ran from, as you now have the tools for relief. Embrace the tension with your breath. Love the feelings as they arise and release; you’ll begin to cultivate happiness and inner-peace and live a life of kindness.


Brett Cotter, author and founder of Stress Is Gone, is a relaxation and trauma recovery expert with 20+years experience with helping people heal traumatic memories and teaching meditation. He provides life changing coaching, classes and retreats to help people let go of pain, find happiness and feel free. His easy to use techniques help people go from feeling overwhelmed to empowered with confidence and clarity.  He has taught at the Omega Institute, NY Open Center, various fortune 500 companies, hospitals, schools, non-profits, military bases, disaster sites, and communities suffering from tragedies. With training from a 35th generation Shaolin Grand Master and the Himalayan Institute, Brett’s approach is a blend of Eastern and Western philosophies. Brett is certified by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and the National Center for Crisis Management. He is also accredited by the International Mindfulness & Meditation Alliance as well as The Meditation Organization. Brett’s method is certified by The American Institute of Stress.  He has a BA degree in Psychology. Contact 833-867-3529




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