Revelations on Healing: What One Doctor Discovered Channeling Messages for His Patients
by Peter Wisch, M.D. – New York City

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Maintaining and achieving good health might be perceived as obvious to some and obscure to others. Why are some blessed with well-being while others must struggle to be well? By means of channeling higher wisdom, the answer to that question is more straightforward than you might imagine. We are all endowed with unique constitutions at birth. No combination of the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual components of your being are exactly the same as anyone else’s. Each of us enters life with a special purpose, and our constitutions have been chosen to best serve that particular purpose. It is futile to compare and contrast our diverse constructions but imperative to view each one of us as a complete, matchless, and impeccable entity.

There are countless reasons for the diversities of our health status—each one distinctive to that individual soul. Those born with healthy powerful bodies are more likely to lead a life where athleticism or arduous physical labor predominate. The reasons for those born or later afflicted with chronic unhealthy biologic organs are profound: either it is a message sent by the soul to press them to deal with key or unresolved issues or to institute crucial lifestyle changes, or it is simply a means of exit for a life fulfilled. Those passing on by what is considered premature might have completed their life purpose early or perhaps their untimely departure was in fact meant to cause some necessary transformative effect on one or more in their network of family, friends, or followers. These examples and explanations may be limiting if you view them from a mundane frame of mind, but quite perspicacious if you can expand your consciousness to one with a more transcendental perspective.

But given the cards we are dealt, or in actuality what we have chosen, there are more beneficial ways to cope with these situations regarding health, disease, and death. The following information may help you lessen any angst that may accompany these issues:

To start with, death is not an end to life but a transformation to another state. Life is eternal. Before you were born when your soul was in the nonphysical realm, it was given choices: either to stay in spirit form or to enter the physical dimension. Just as in our physical world, there is free will on the other side. And the reason any soul would choose to be physical is to experience what it already knows. It is one matter to know about love and joy and kindness, but a totally different matter to experience it firsthand in the flesh. The soul needs that experience, just as we will one day want to experience a different nonphysical union with GOD.

We do choose our body, family, abilities, friends, lovers, spouse(s), birthplace, home(s), occupation, significant life events etcetera in advance based upon what issues or life purpose we need to experience and how we choose to evolve. Prenatal knowledge is erased from our consciousness once we enter the material world. Since our existence is eternal, we have endless opportunities or lifetimes to return to physical life if we so choose either to evolve in ways we might not have succeeded in other incarnations or to set and achieve new aspirations. Typically we return to the nonphysical world when we have completed a lifetime. Our being takes place in a never-ending back-and-forth cycle of physical and spiritual existence.

There are other helpful ways to ease your mind about disease and death. Your mind is like a sponge that absorbs all kinds of thoughts. Thought is energy, and the combined energy of all your thoughts attracts equivalent energy that might present itself either as events, material goods, relationships, health status, or other thoughts and feelings of a similar nature. If you do not like what you attract in your life, you can make a concerted effort to change the character of your thinking. People who fill their minds with uplifting musings often attract bonhomie, while those who predominantly emit doom and gloom inevitably dwell in it.

If you want to add more potency to what you attract, alter your words and deeds to be in alignment with the thoughts you prefer to attract. What you voice or write has powerful energy. Even in jest, be prudent with your statements. If you find yourself in the heat of a calamitous moment deprecating yourself with the comment, “I am no good. I am better off dead,” retract it and replace it with a prudent remark like, “ I feel bad I messed up, and I will do better next time.” And just as thoughts and words help you manifest your reality, it is advisable to pursue proper actions. If you desire to heal from a challenging illness, and a friend recommends a phenomenal doctor and treatment, by all means investigate them. You attract favorable opportunities with your propitious thoughts and words, but if you do not act on them, there is often less to be gained.

These are some of the tools that can help you take control of your own health by applying fundamental metaphysical tenets to awaken the healer within you and manifest your own well-being.


Peter Wisch, M.D. was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. He received a B.A. in psychology from Northwestern University, and an M.D. from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He spent twenty-nine years practicing dermatology in his private office in NYC while also acting as a voluntary clinical professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Because of his strong interests in channeling, metaphysical principles, and alternative healing, he has devoted time pursuing those fields of study which have formed the basis for his book, Revelations on Healing: What One Doctor Discovered Channeling Messages for His Patients. He presently channels for clients in NYC and can be reached at



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