What’s in a number?
by Milissa Castanza Seymour – Bethpage, NY

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Numbers rule the universe.
~ Pythagoras

Close your eyes. Take a long, slow breath. Think of a number. Write down the first number that you see in your mind’s eye.

Do you have a favorite number? Have you noticed that the same numbers come up repeatedly in the course of your day, week, or year? Or, that we attach meaning and purpose to certain numbers based on life experiences and events? What do numbers mean and why do they appear?

Numbers have been energetically interpreted throughout history in many cultures. Egypt and Babylon have the earliest recorded history of number meanings, followed by China, Rome, Japan, and Greece. The Kabbalah and the Bible both have number meaning references too.

Numerology, modern number meaning interpretation in western culture, is credited to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras. Pythagoras taught the mystical meaning of numbers. He believed that there is an energetic vibration in numbers that correlates to everything in the universe with the potential to create order from chaos.

According to numerology, each soul comes in with a divine plan to fulfill its life purpose and passion in this lifetime. This information is encoded in the energy vibration of the birth name and birth date, each corresponding to numerical values. Through the interpretation of this soul map, a numerologist can decode a person’s life purpose, passions and unique talents. In a numerology reading, opportunities, challenges, karmic energies, master energies, past life knowledge, and major lessons/challenges are explained, giving a fuller understanding of the timing of events around growth to maximize the spiritual abundance and prosperity of this lifetime.

Numbers have a long history of interpretation and meaning whether in an organized system like numerology or not. They pop up randomly in connection to something or someone. For example, the birth date of a departed relative may repeatedly appear on a digital clock or license plates. This gives the reassurance that their energy is present. A common number combination that appears often is 11:11 which is a master energy number representing angelic presence or guidance. Numbers are often portals into a higher energy field.

Looking to numerology, numbers carry their own meaning. So, when certain numbers appear, the meaning or message meant to be received can be interpreted. For example, 5’s everywhere can mean change is around the corner while 1’s showing up can mean it’s time to watch out for new opportunities or beginnings.

Some years ago, I received a call from a friend. He told me he went for a cup of coffee one day and while walking back to the car saw a $2 bill land at his feet. Within a few seconds, another and another landed at his feet. He called me and asked what I thought the possible meaning of this odd event could be before he shared his own gut feelings. What I saw was “2” for relationship, plus “2” equaling “4” for father energy, and “2” more totaling “6” for family responsibility and love. I explained it could be a message that his father’s energy is present. He said that he sensed it was a connection to his father who had passed but wanted a second opinion. Numbers work in mysterious ways.

Below is a brief snapshot of the meaning of the main cycle of numbers in western numerology, 1 to 9:

1= New beginnings, opportunities, creative spark, leadership, independence
2= Partnership, relationship, cooperation, detail oriented, boundaries,
mother energy
3= Friendships, self-expression, luck, communication, intuition, creativity
4= Stability, structure, home, tradition, service, “salt of the earth”, father energy
5= Change, freedom, travel, public dealings, curiosity, “expect the unexpected”
6= Family, love, marriage, pregnancy, divorce, responsibility, creating/finding worldly beauty
7= Spirit, trust, open heart, expertise, teaching, secrets, wisdom
8= Authority, power, balance in all pursuits, money in/out, real estate, expansion,
9= Compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, humanitarian pursuits, spiritual growth, legal
matters, endings, one door closes so another can open

These meanings can take on deeper significance by adding together the numbers that repeatedly show up. For example, when my friend saw the 2+2+2, we looked at the “2”, “4”, and “6” meanings.

So, follow your intuition. Discover your life purpose and passions with a numerology reading. Or, apply a new interpretation to the numbers showing up around you every day. What was the number that came into mind at the beginning of this article? What does it mean to you? Numbers are not only symbols that carry an energetic meaning but also intuitive triggers that tap into soul knowledge and spirit. Let your mind and heart work together, using the left and right sides of the brain when interpreting number energy. Trust your gut and let the images and information flow. You never know what you might discover!

Milissa Castanza Seymour M.S. is an InnerSoul Coach, professional Numerologist, and Transformational coach specializing in Stress Management/Well-being and helping clients find their life purpose. Her multi-disciplinary professional certifications include: Prana Yoga, IntegrativeYogaTherapy Holistic Health Educator, Applied Positive Psychology LifeCoach, Aromatherapist, Chopra Ayurvedic Health Practitioner/Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher/Well-being Coach. www.innersoulcoaching.com


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