Unwrap the Gifts From Your Father
by Judy Wilkins-Smith

Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint: A Powerful Guide to Transformation Through Disentangling Multigenerational Patterns

If mothers are traditionally considered to be the source of life and flow, fathers are often regarded as the hunters, providers, and the ones who introduce us to the ways of the world. Times are changing, but the essence of the male energy remains crucial to the creation, sustenance and joy of life.

Some of us have great relationships with our fathers, some are strained, and others just plain don’t exist. However, our connection to them remains intact. They were there at the one moment that counted – the creation of you. They are also responsible for one half of who you are. Just like the line of your mother, the line of your father contains many of the clues and patterns to who you are and who you may become.

Reflexively, you may either repeat the patterns of you father or reject them. However, once you choose to consciously connect to the line of your father something more is possible. You can choose what to take with you and what to set down. He may have struggled with relationships or even left your family, and yet you have an uncanny ability with money that may be a gift from him that you want to keep. ? When you can connect with him exactly the way he is or isn’t and can accept the gifts he has for you exactly the way that they are, you can grow or change those gifts. This allows you to be connected to his line and all that lives within it. In you lies the ability to change “what is” into “what’s possible.”

Like it or not, who you are, is partially thanks to your father. Patterns that you inherited from your father that bother you are doing so for a reason. They are asking you to give them a different shape, or to set them down and start an entirely new pattern. Simply put, your father has many gifts for you. Some may be apparent while others may take a little unraveling.

Ambition and purpose flow from the father and his line, creating an appetite for life and accomplishment. To find out more about how your father’s patterns live in you and serve you, immerse yourself in this guided Meditation of the Father we are gifting to you and harness your paternal energies to create the life you’ve always wanted.

Judy Wilkins-SmithJudy Wilkins-Smith, author of Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint: A Powerful Guide to Transformation Through Disentangling Multi-generational Patterns, is a highly-regarded, international organizational, individual and family patterns expert, systemic coach, trainer, motivational speaker and founder of System Dynamics for Individuals & Organizations.
More information can be found at https://judywilkins-smith.com/

Dropbox link to Meditation of the Father: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3a1fboq9ge4bnwf/02%2%20Meditation%20of%20the%20Father%20.mp3?dl=0


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