Why Being in the Current Political Civil War Won’t Benefit You Spiritually (And What Will)
by Steve Farrell – Boulder, CO

The level of anger, vitriol, and rage is at a fever pitch in American politics. But will taking a side and fighting against “the other side” in the current political civil war spiritually benefit you in the long run? Or is there a better option to take?

What Is the Root Cause of the Current Political Civil War?
We at Humanity’s Team would say the root cause is that humans still don’t know ourselves to be cells in the body of the Divine / the Universe / God. Over 100 years ago Einstein said, “The greatest illusion in this world is the illusion of separation.” This illusion is still the basis for today’s living. That is why so much of our modern political discourse sounds like “We have to fight the other side for this, and fight them for that.

Why Being in the Current Political Civil War Won’t Benefit You Spiritually (And What Will): Fighting and demonizing only creates more pain for you and the “other side.” When we fight, we push away, and when we push away we feel isolation and anger. It’s an unending cycle of pain. Instead:

  1. See The Common Ground: We’ve all experienced heartache, loss, and challenges in our lives. When people attack you or your point of view, try seeing the very human pain which causes them to attack in the first place. By doing so you will come into compassion. Come into compassion and you will come into understanding. Come into understanding and you will come into peace.
  2. Build Bridges of Understanding: People with differing political opinions are just like us, but they’ve had life experiences that have caused them to come to another conclusion when in the voting booth. Instead of making them the “enemy,” create opportunities for them to see what you see. Build bridges of understanding so they can understand your point of view.
  3. Cultivate Conscious Living: What ultimately benefits us most is evolving beyond the worldview that we are separate beings. This can be done through conscious living: living in oneness with each other, other living creatures, our Creator, and the planet itself. When you do so and feel your deeper, foundational connection to other people and to the Earth itself, you begin to experience the calm, clarity, and support that comes with that connection. When you live your daily life in tune with that connection, you are less fearful, less anxious, and less stressed.

Can We Live Consciously and Still Be Politically Passionate?
Yes, of course! In Conversations with God, Book 1, it says “Kill passion and you kill God.” Passion is a good thing. However what we wouldn’t do is demonize the choice we don’t make and those who make it. Instead, we want to leave behind our smaller fearful selves (This is what I think,” “This is what I believe.”) and understand the Bigger Self that we are, the other perspectives that exist, and that it isn’t our job to make people’s decisions for them.


Steve FarrellEvolutionary Pioneer and Co-Founder of Humanity’s Team, Steve Farrell transforms the definition of success in his new book. He details his journey from Silicon Valley to a life in service to humanity in A New Universal Dream available in bookstores now. Alongside Neale Donald Walsch, (author, Conversations with God), Farrell co-founded Humanity’s Team, a non-profit organization based in Boulder, Colorado which streams mind, body, and spirit courses focused on helping people throughout the world awaken to their deeper selves and the interconnectedness of everything. Find out how to take their Conscious Living and Leadership pledge at HumanitysTeam.org.



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