No Worries!
by Ann Albers and the Angels – Phoenix, AZ

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There’s not a thing or a person on this earth that you need to worry about.

There are, of course, people and situations that require attention, solutions, and plenty of love. There are powerful ways to assist even when you feel powerless in the 3D paradigm of reality. There are ways in which you can go beneath the worry, focus on the care in your beautiful heart, and share your light with the people and situations you so dearly wish to help.

Many of you learned to worry as a way of expressing your love. At its deepest essence, worry is born of love; however, it is a lower vibrational expression—watered down with substantial doses of fear. You love but worry about your loved one’s ability to change. You love but worry about your country, company, or companion. You love but don’t yet trust the Divine to offer solutions. So many of you witnessed others who expressed their love (and fears) in worry that it seems almost normal.

We see the deep and passionate love and care beneath your worries. We focus on empowering that love within you. We work with you to help you remember that you can take that love in your beautiful hearts and shine it on the solutions, situations, organizations, and people you care about. Fear feels bad. Love feels good. Worry feels bad by degrees based on the amount of fear mixed in with your love.

You don’t worry when you feel confident in God’s grace or know there will be a resolution to the situation you care about. You don’t worry when you know you can affect a situation or assist a person. You never worry about the things you know how to do or the schedules you know how to meet. You don’t worry when you feel confident in another person’s ability to help themselves or resolve a challenge. Worry comes instead when you don’t know what to do or don’t believe others will figure out what to do.

At a deeper level, worry is born from trying to control someone or something, even for the better. To calm your fears, focus on your own vibration, and reclaim your power, you must surrender to the fact that every being — man, woman, child, and animal—is vibrationally attracting what matches the energies they emit. You cannot change a person’s vibration for them.

However, you can be a powerful agent for positive change when you are in a high vibe. In this space, you can powerfully influence others’ vibrations for the better. You can lift, inspire, and help others shift their vibration by acting as a tuning fork. When you hold the vision and energy of what another wishes for, you help them attune to that vibration more easily and quickly. Just as two voices joined in song are more powerful than one, two souls joined in a similar vibration lift one another.

You can give your almost-grown children a million great career ideas and worry to death about their future while being of no assistance at all. Or, you can express your love and feel your confidence in their ability to figure it out, thus helping them find their confidence and hear their own hearts.

You can worry about the safety of your little ones, and they will likely become anxious, too. Or you can rest in the security of the Divine, trust in your inner guidance, and instill in your children a sense of trust in themselves. They are far more secure when they know they have inner guidance than when their anxieties keep them from trusting their feelings. You can help them find this peace and security by finding your own.

If you can find the love and care beneath the worry and find ways to express that love without fear, then dear ones, you become caring influencers and powerful uplifters. In your presence, others will develop new confidence in their abilities to change. You will inspire creative solutions. You will perceive your guidance more clearly. Your love will be received when it is pure, clear, and no longer watered-down with fear.

We never worry about you, and we never worry about your world. We stay in love and focus on your desired solutions and the world you wish to create. We have confidence in the love that lives within us all. When you don’t, sit and receive our love. We will do our utmost to bring you back to a more profound and loving truth, one in which worry dissolves into the powerful light of love.

Here are a few pointers to help you unwind the worry habit and return to the vibration where you are anything but powerless.

1. Dig beneath the worry to find the love

  • If you worry about your child, remember your love for your child.
  • If you worry about your job, think about the type of job you’d love and how you love feeling secure.
  • If you worry about the world, focus on your loving desire for a peaceful world filled with kindness for all.
  • If you worry about money, focus on your love for abundance and freedom.
  • If you worry about being on time, focus on how good it feels to arrive with room to breathe.

If you can find the love beneath the worry and focus on it as much as possible, you will shift out of powerlessness and into the vibration of being part of the solution.

2. Express your love instead of your worry

When you speak to others, don’t poison the waters of their consciousness with your worry and fear. Instead, talk to them about your love. If you worry about your child, express your love. “I love you so much. You’re so smart and capable. I know you will find the right job. You’ve always been so good at anything you try! You may not feel this way now. Few of us did, but you’ll see. I believe in you.” Feel the difference between that and, “I’m so worried about you! Did you try this? Did you try that?” Imagine how your child will feel if you can express the love. Likewise, you may be inclined to say often, “I’m so worried about the world,” and others will likely join in solidarity with that fear. Can you imagine how much more powerful it is to say, “Wow, it seems like the world is a mess now, but I can envision a future so far beyond this? I can imagine a future where we all get along, have more tolerance, and care about the earth. Look at the young people. They do! There are so many caring souls working quietly on this. The nuts make the news, but so many good souls quietly do good things. I have faith in our future.”

You’ll lift others up and become part of the positive momentum toward a better world.

3. Give yourself what you need to feel more confident

I’ve had to look at myself honestly in the past. With the help of the angels, I saw the truth in this statement: Sharing your worry with those you worry about is selfserving. It says to another person, “I need you to change so I can stop worrying about you and feel better. I need you to heal my fears and reassure me that you will not catapult me into a situation where I cannot find my connection to love, self, God, and grace. I want you to be responsible for my good feelings, and please hurry up and do it.”

We know we love, but it takes honesty to see that we ask others to help us whenever we make them responsible for our worries. Think about the people who have told you they worry about you. How does that feel? Do you feel responsible for making them feel better about you? It is often hard to reassure people when you do not yet feel confident. It is challenging when people you love don’t trust you to figure out your life. It is far better to dive inward and take responsibility for our worries rather than putting that burden on others. I ask myself at times, “What if my worry came true? What do I fear? If it happened, how might I handle it constructively?” Facing the fears head-on is a powerful way to quiet them.

It is crucial to give ourselves what we need to feel better. Sometimes, getting a good coach or counselor is just the thing. Other times, we can focus on all the good in life and the good in ourselves.

4. Flip the worries to prayers

The angels constantly entreat people to flip their worries into prayers, which is a powerful way to deal with them. If you worry about something pray for what you want to see. Envision it. Imagine it. Feel it, and then imagine sending light to the situation you want. Get happy about feeling it. You have just taken charge of your energy and become a powerful force for good. Prayer, from a higher space, is powerful.

5. Imagine…

Imagine tossing your worries in a beautiful river. Let it carry them away from you as new and wonderful things flow into your life. Let the river of God’s grace bring you the solutions you have made room for by releasing your worries.

As the angels remind us, our feelings are all valid. Love is beneath them all, no matter how twisted up we get. Worrying doesn’t make you a bad person. It is a habit we learn that is culturally acceptable and often rewarded. It still doesn’t feel good. It is still rooted in fear.

Ann AlbersThere are kinder and more loving ways to feel and express our love. Do your best. Flip the worries to prayers. Breathe. Everything is going to be alright in the long run. We’ll all end up in bliss at the end of our lives. We’re all made of love, headed for love, and just trying to bring more love into this human existence. Remember to celebrate progress rather than strive for perfection.







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