9 Ways To Say Goodbye to Financial Struggle and Hardship, Forever
by Shaun Grant

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Yep, you read that correctly. My highest objective is to help you to bid farewell to poverty consciousness, financial struggle and financial hardship. What’s tough is that something as important as finances should have been one of the most prominent things taught throughout grammar and high school. But it wasn’t. There’s a crazy ass reason for why it wasn’t taught, but I’ll get to that a bit later.

I struggled myself for a very long time until the wool was pulled from over my eyes and my soul revealed the honest raw truth about it all. That truth, I’m going to share today in as much detail as I possibly can. Here we go!

 Our financial problems stem greatly from placing all of the emphasis on physical money, but doing nothing to cultivate the energy of wealth that lies within us all.    Shaun Grant

  1. Adjust How You See The Concept Of Wealth And Prosperity Part of discovering how to create wealth is truly understanding how it works and what it is. First, wealth is energy and everyone possesses it. You were born with it. It’s the energy of abundance that replicates the universe and allows itself to expand without limits. YES! You have this within yourself, but you’ve likely renounced it from what you were taught to believe. Even the homeless man who stands on the side of the roads begging for change, has this energy. This is how people start extremely poor and end up having more money than they can handle. It’s a mindset thing.
  2. Cultivate A Prosperity Mindset What’s the first thing you do when you receive money, financial gifts or paycheck? Do you say, geez I wish it was more? Do you cuss your boss out for making you work all those hours and paying you pennies while he pulls in more in a month than people make in a year? (I’ve been here, before) If so, you’re creating the energy of poverty. You’re saying that what you have is not enough. So what do you think will happen if you’re believing you do not have enough? You attract more circumstances of not enoughness. Everything in your life resembles “not enoughness.” It’s a complete travesty! But, it’s not the end of the world, it’s the beginning. Start feeling MORE THAN ENOUGH! Start feeling genuinely grateful for what you do have. Look back in the past and be thankful for all that you’ve received. Gratitude alone, creates a prosperity mindset. Start going throughout your day focusing on everything you can be grateful for. It works!!

Focus is like shooting an arrow at the very thing you desire to come into your life. Set your target on abundance and your circumstances will mirror your focus.   Shaun Grant

  1. Whatever You’re Lacking Is What You’re Not Giving Enough Of The truth about money, or better yet, the energy of money is that it needs to circulate. It needs to mimic the tide of the ocean. As it peacefully comes in, it peacefully goes out. Stay with that rhythm and allow it to work in your life. Most people have financial issues because they don’t give enough. They’re more fixated on how they are going to make ends meet. My dears, it has never been your job to figure out how to make more than enough money. Your divine objective is to give of yourself freely through your purpose, and as long as you stay open, you will be abundant in all areas. When that abundance comes, give what you feel comfortable with. If your check is $1000, give $10 to someone in need. Feel the energy of being able to help someone. It’s the energy of love. Every time you purchase something, be grateful for it. Whenever I pay my bills, I get into a state of complete gratitude to be thankful for what that service is providing. When you give freely, you will never lack a day in your life. There’s an old saying that goes:

Trying to out give the Universe is like attempting to drink the entire Pacific Ocean. There’s absolutely no chance it will happen.   Shaun Grant

  1. Anxiety, Stress And Worry Will Clip Your Financial Wings Here’s the thing, unless you were born in a wealthy family and it was ingrained in your mind and beliefs that money is supposed to be there, the top three components will block every ounce of your financial flow. Here’s why: Wealth resonates with an energy that is compatible. It’s an energy that carries joy, value, service and ease. If you look at the aura of someone who is tapped in, it can expand up to ten feet outside of their bodies. But the same can’t be said for someone struggling with poverty consciousness. Poverty resonates with hopelessness, unsolvable problems, desperation, manipulation, fear etc. Money will stagnate in these conditions like a river that hadn’t flowed for years. Even worse, it won’t flow towards you because unless you grew up with a lot of money, those emotional states of being will affect your unconscious mind to the point where, once again, every experience in your life will be ridiculed with them. Release all of them. Feel them when they arise, but refuse to let them run your life.
  2. Meditation Brings You Into Perfect Alignment With Prosperity If you do nothing else to improve your financial situation, begin meditating. The reason being is that meditation will bring you to the place of consciousness that resonates with Oneness. Oneness is the state where we are completely aware that everything and everyone is interconnected in the Universe. Absolutely everything, even the money you are desiring to have. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing, let the thoughts flow as they must and relax!
  3. You Are What You Are Desiring … Yes, That Means Money Too! We talked about the concept of oneness and how it relates to us and this piggybacks on that concept. When you consciously realize that you are connected to all that is, you no longer desire anything outside of you because you realize it all lies within. Derek Rydall stated that “Life doesn’t come to us, it comes through us.” We only have to call forth the energy to allow the physical manifestation to occur. Be the energy of the wealth that you desire and circumstances will reflect your energy.

Life is an ever-unfolding paradox. The Universe set it up that way to urge us to discover the joy we feel within when we finally comprehend the realization of paradoxical living.  Shaun Grant

  1. Visualize Prosperity In Your Life, The Mind Works In Images You ever wonder why commercials are such effective marketing tools in getting us to buy things? Images. The images within them will play in our subconscious minds and ultimately creates the circumstances to where the actual desire to have the thing manifests itself. You can use this same concept to transform your own financial standing. Close your eyes, breathe, get relaxed, and visualize your bank account with a number that you would like to have within it. See it clearly, see yourself going to the ATM to get cash, see yourself doing the experiences you desire, see yourself living in complete freedom with money being your ally. Visualization enables you to see that money is your resource, not your enemy. It desires to come into your life when you match up to the energy of money.
  2. Create A Landing Spot For Your Prosperity There’s no other way to do this than to be grateful and filled with joy for everything that’s unfolding in your life. Everything! Give thanks, accept it unconditionally and embrace that you are meant to thrive greatly in this life. It’s not impossible, it’s not unrealistic. It is your destiny. Let that sink in!

An awareness happens when we finally discover that wealth, abundance and prosperity are who we truly are. It’s our birthright and with that realization, we only have to acknowledge it.  Shaun Grant

  1. Let Go, Let Go, Let Go! You remember when I talked about the universe being an ever unfolding paradox? This has never rang more true than with the concept of letting go. Letting go doesn’t mean you say to hell with it all. Letting go means giving it up to the Universe to work it’s magic. You’ve done everything you’ve needed to do and now you’re going to relax into the trust in knowing that if you’ve done your part, the Universe will do it’s part perfectly. It’s like when you make an order for amazon. Once they have your order, you let go in the truth that your package will arrive at the “perfect time it’s supposed to.” The same goes for your financial abundance.

Give it all the time it needs and give thanks that it’s on the way. The joy you’ll experience is truly unexplainable once your desire shows up. Get ready!

The concept of wealth, prosperity and money is very simple. Once you realize that you already have all three within, you just have to match the energy and give freely of your divine gifts to the world without expectation of getting something back. Let go, be grateful and rest in the truth that you were meant to prosper and live a life filled with joy.


Shaun GrantShaun Grant is a dynamic “entreperformer” that is an enthusiast/expert in the area of personal performance and transformation, and is the author of Prosperity Secrets: How To Live The Life Of Your Dreams. He hosts two podcasts called Love Your Vibe and The Money Cure. Shaun has been speaking, writing, and coaching for the past twelve years. He teaches the concept of vibrational consciousness to individuals and performers around the world.




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